v2 pro series 3

If you are looking for an easily concealable dry herb vape pen that works using conduction the solution may lie in the V2 Pro Series 3. Brought to you by manufacturer V2, it is expected to be the first in a series of dry herb vaping units and it also happens to be among the best in vaping pens. It has a sleek design that feels good in the hand, fits nicely in the pocket and best of all, you can use it for herbs, concentrates and even e-liquids. It heats up fast for those who want to vape on the go and those who have tried it say that it is easy to use.

Let us start at the most basic level – price: you can buy the V2 Pro Series 3 for $49.99 but if you are a fan of only herb you have to buy a loose leaf cartridge for $19.99, all of which comes to $59.99 which is still a lot cheaper when you compare it with other vaping units in the dry herb category.

You can go ahead and order one right away, but just to that you know exactly what you are getting let us go on and do a full review.

V2 Pro Series 3 Size/Portability

At about the size of a marker this happens to be one of the most portable dry herb vaporizers in the market. It measures just short of 5.63 inches with a diameter of .59 inches. It is also quite light – 50 grams which makes it a perfect fit for any pocket in your jacket or jeans. If you prefer e-liquids you will be happy to know that the cartridges for these are also rather small and can fit quite comfortably in your pocket. In all, you will be hard pressed to find a lighter vaping pen which comes in at the same price.

V2 Series 3 Heating and Temp Settings

As mentioned at the beginning, this vaporizer uses conduction to vaporize your herb, concentrates and e-liquid. You can choose temperatures ranging from 350F t0 375F. Your settings will be determined by several things: quality of herb, how fine you grind, draw speed, what kind of flavor you like best and so on. The best quality draws require you to heat for 15 to 30 seconds before you take your first hit, which is excellent when you consider that the average vaporizer requires 40 or more seconds.

It does come with an auto-off feature after 2 minutes. If it goes off before you are quite done you can turn it back on by holding the heating button down for a few seconds. As a seasoned vapor I wish that the automatic shutoff kicked in after 3 or 4 minutes so that I can have longer sessions but that is not a big deal when you take into account all the other cool features.

Series 3 Pro Chambers and Cartridges

The e-liquid cartridges hold up to 1.6 ml and can deliver 800 puffs of 2 seconds each. For loose leaf you get .1 grams which is just right for one person – you can share with one more but it won’t quite get you where you want to go. One great thing I have noticed is that I get a relatively brown burn without the need to stir the herb once.

V2 Pro S3 Battery and Charging

This vape pen has one of the best battery lives in the market. The 650mAh battery will 12, 2 minute sessions of dry herb vaping which is roughly 4 oven-fulls. You can charge the unit while using it (including with a USB charging cable) and you can get it back from the dead in about 2 hours. A wall and car charger will cost you $10 each.


E-liquid cartridge pack – $49.99

Loose leaf cartridge – $19.99

Concentrate cartridge – $19.99

Extra e-liquid cartridge – $6.99

It helps if you can buy one or two extra dry herb cartridges so that you can pre-pack when you are going to be away for long periods. It is important to mention that for all accessories you are dealing with smart, magnetized cartridges that are very easy to plug into the device – in a matter of seconds they are ready for you to heat and puff.

V2 Pro Series 3 Warranty

You get 6 months on device, accessories and workmanship but cartridges are not covered.

V2 Pro Series 3 verdict

This is definitely a vaping device that is worth every dime you spend on it. It is one of the easiest to carry around and the sleek look and feel makes it worthwhile. It is also very easy to use – switching between loose leaf, concentrates and e-liquid cartridges is very easy since they are all designed to fit and are magnetized. The quality of vapor is superb. In fact, I like the fact that after I do loose leaf I can switch to e-liquid and produce vapor that gets rid of the smell of herb right away. The quality of the e-liquid vapor is also very good – smooth on the throat.

In comparison, the vapor from the herb cartridge isn’t as good but having tried so many other vape pens in the past I can tell you that it isn’t bad – although the flavor is good it isn’t as dense as I would like it to be. If the manufacturer can come up with a way to make it combust herbs better it will become one of the tops products in this category available today.

All in all, I would say that this is a good product for the light vaper or the beginner – it will help them get more seasoned for the more serious devices. When you take into account that you are getting a full set – herb, concentrate and e-liquid vaporizer – you will see that you are getting very good value for money. I would definitely recommend this vaporizer.