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Kandypens Mini, is a sub-ohm vape pen made for wax concentrates. It has two different types of atomizers, allowing for a unique vaping experience for wax and concentrates.

KandyPens Mini Introduction:

If you’re an experience vapor, you’re definitely familiar with KandyPens, with good reason, they are one of the most well known companies that make some of the best vape pens available on the market today. KandyPens is the company behind the Galaxy, Donuts, Gravity, and now the Mini. Without further details, let’s get to it.

Main Points for KandyPens Mini:

Price and Overview:


The Mini is priced higher than the original Galaxy and Donuts vaporizers but rest assured that it’s worth the money. The Mini is priced this way because it delivers. It comes with two different types of atomizers: quartz dual coil or ceramic coil-less. Personally, the quartz dual atomizer is my preference because the draw intakes are stronger on the quartz than on the ceramic.


Let me tell you, the airflow is amazing. In fact, it’s beyond amazing.

While the Galaxy and Donut where sometimes known to have tight draws, the Mini does not have this problem at all. This is the go-to vape pen for those you love to sub-ohm tank and/or RDA. When it comes to airflow, the Mini certainly delivers. I’m actually surprised at the massive airflow I get from it, no matter the settings.

In addition to the massive airflow, I really like that the atomizer is so easy to clean and maintaining it does not give me a headache. Great news! KandyPens provides alcohol pads to aid in the cleaning and maintenance of your wax vape pen. All you have to go, is give it a good clean wipe from top to down and down to top, then dry burn the coils and just like that they are clean. Pretty cool cleaning method. Right!

Personally, I’m not really into coil-less atomizers, needless to say the Mini’s ceramic coil-less atomizer did not impress me. However, that’s only because I prefer harder hits and the Mini’s quarts dual coil definitely delivers on that aspect. Either way, both atomizers work great. It all depends on your preference.

What We Love:

– Very small but has immense power (sub-ohm)
– Pass-through Micro-USB charging
– Accessing coils is super easy
– Lifetime warranty provided on batteries
– Amazing airflow system
– Super easy to clean and maintain


– On the expensive side (Use our code to save money)
– Ceramic coil-less atomizer is not my preferred vaping method


Overall, this vaporizer is definitely one of the best wax pens KandyPens has come up with. It’s small, easily portable, delivers powerful vape punches. In other words, it has all of the amazing features of the original KandyPens and improved them to the next level. The Mini has a pass-through Micro-USB charging feature, meaning you can still vape while it’s charging. If you’re new to vape pen and can afford to spend the money, this is definitely a great choice. And if you’re an experienced vape lover, this is a nice upgrade.

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