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We’re dedicating this section to provide you with a detailed review about the Gravity, a wax vaporizer pen, often referred to as Gravity vape pen. The Gravity is made by KandyPens, and it is beautifully designed vaporizer pen that has similar features to the KandyPen Glaxy and Donut series.

Introduction to KandyPens Gravity:

When I discover vape pens that deliver on their promises, I’m not only excited, I’m thrilled. KandyPen Gravity is one of those vape pens that meets their expectations. The KandyPen Galaxy was the original vape pen made by the company and the Gravity is the upgraded version of the original. In case you’re wondering if this one is an improved version, the short answer is: YES. For more of a detailed answer beyond the word, “yes”, please continue to read below as you’re about to find out everything you need to know about the KandyPen Galaxy.

Main Points Regarding KandyPens Gravity:

This vape pen is not on the cheap side but you get your money’s worth through the warranty provided by KandyPens as well as their many years of experience in the industry. The Gravity is strong and durable and can last you a very long time as long as you’re taking great care of it. It comes with two different atomizers, which is great news. Basically, it’s pretty much as if you receive two wax vaporizer pens, all in one, for the price of one. Plus, you have peace of mind, knowing you have lifetime coverage.

If your priority include sub-ohm wax vape pen that provides long lasting battery life and airflow, you might be better off with the KandyPen Mini which cost an additional $5 but please be aware that the Mini comes with only one atomizer. Either way, the Gravity is a great choice. You really can’t lose by selecting this wax vape pen.


It’s no secret that the KandyPens brand is one of the most well known brands for concentrates with the Gravity being one of their most popular vape pen. Here are a couple of reasons why the Gravity is winning across the board.

First, its probably one of the best vape pens available on the market and unlike the Galaxy, it’s predecessor, the Gravity’s airflow has greatly improved, allowing for easier, flavorful draws. Also, it’s an intake of mouth-to-lung inhalation.

Secondly, the Gravity comes with two different type of coils: the quartz dual and the ceramic coil-less atomizer. The quartz coil give you a more powerful intake, while the ceramic provides a softer inhalation.

Third, the Gravity was upgraded to have a lower heat setting. That’s a completely new feature. The lower heat setting are signaled by a bright pink light, then red, then green, then blue. I love the new lower heat settings because they allow for a more powerful, flavorful it without leaving a harsh, crispy taste in my mouth.


If you are an original user of the KandyPen Galaxy, then you are familiar on the performance factors of the dual quartz coils. And if you’ve also used the Donut vape pen before, then you should be no stranger on how to use the KandyPen Gravity. The Gravity atomizer usage is like merging the Galaxy and the Donut together in a single pen. The only different is that the airflow has improved tremendously.

While the Galaxy and Donut almost never clogged, they did feel clogged sometimes because of their airflow holes that were positioned upward. That does not happen with the Gravity because KandyPens has added an extra hole in the vape pen to ease the airflow. This has made all the difference for vapors that enjoy mouth-to-lung inhalation.

I recommend using the lower settings on the quartz dual coil atomizer. You’ll get great performance and still maintain a long lasting battery life. For the coil-less atomizer, I recommend the highest settings, for great performance and quality tasteful flavor.

The Difference between Gravity vs. Donuts and Galaxy Pens:

Here’s how the Gravity competes with the Donuts and Galaxy pens.

Donuts vs. Gravity while using the coil-less atomizer:

The atomizers are the primary differences between the two vape pens. The Donuts is named after from its coil-less atomizer, shaped like a rounded donut. This is where the wax is vaporized. The Gravity has a similar feature, except instead of a rounded donut, it has a round surface that is flat. This allows for your concentrates to lay down on it, and vape easily. Not to mention that the flat surface is way easier when it comes to cleaning it up. Another difference is that the Donuts were known to have tight draws but the Gravity does not, since it’s airflow system was greatly improved by KandyPens.

Galaxy vs. Gravity while using the dual-quartz coil atomizer:

Those two vape pens are actually similar while using the dual-quartz coil atomizer. The primary difference is that as previously mentioned, the Gravity has an additional airflow hole embedded in it, which has greatly improved the experience of drawing in the vapor. This improved airflow system is a well-needed upgrade from the Galaxy which had a tendency to provide tight draws. Thankfully, that problem has been fixed with the Gravity.

What We love:

– Lower heat settings (pink); 300°F
– Two different coil options
– Upgraded airflow system
– Amazing vape flavor
– Long-lasting battery life
– Parts can be detached
– Great performance and efficiency
– Stylish design
– Lifetime warranty on KandyPen batteries

What Can Be Improved:

– Does not have Micro-USB charging
– It’s a bit pricey (Use our code to save money)
– Coil-less atomizers can use some improvements


Overall, I feel confident to say that the Gravity sets the standard for the upcoming generation of vape pens. The two coil options are definitely a plus and if you already have an existing atomizers from your KandyPens Galaxy/Donuts, the atomizers are compatible with the Galaxy as well, allowing for more airflow. The added lower heat settings do an excellent job at preserving concentrate while still providing vapers with a sleek, smooth, and tasteful vapor hit. You don’t have to worry about getting those harsh, crisp hits. And the pink light looks great on the design that’s already stylish. The impact of the improved airflow cannot be overstated. While it is not like the Mini which is a sub-ohm vaporizer pen, it’s definitely better than what we had in the Galaxy and Donuts. I think the Gravity is the perfect balance between all the KandyPens wax vape pen. I definitely recommend it.

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