juul vapor

Today, we proudly present to you the latest innovative and easy to use vaping starter kit – the Juul e-cig, a product of the Juul Vapor. As many of you already know, Juul Vapor is a part of Pax Labs, the manufacturers of the beautiful Pax 2 and 3 Vapourizers.

The Juul e-cig is a simple e-cigarette vape that is designed for both new and experienced vapers. Typical of its size and weight, the vaper completely resembles a cigarette and is ideal for individuals who want a stealth vape given its minuscule size.

About the Juul Vapor Pen

Barely the size and weight of a USB stick, the Juul measures approximately 9cm long and 1.5 cm wide. It is portable as it easily slips into the pocket of the users making it easy to walk around with. The Juul comes in four flavors, cool mint, fruit medley, Crème Brulee, and Virginia Tobacco that are easily inserted into the device. Along with it, you are also rewarded with a magnetic USB charging device complete with a 1-year guarantee. Remember, each Juul pod flavor comes with a 0.7mls of juice with at least 5 percent nicotine. And the good news is, the price of the kit is relatively low as it will only cost you $49.99

How to Use the Juul

Vaping on the Juul is quiet easy. All you need to do is insert one of the flavor pods until it gives a click sound, and you are ready to vape. Then gently draw on the e-cig as you would with a normal cigarette. With its intuitive nature, you do not have to press any buttons to begin vaping, all you need is to inhale and the vapor comes out.

Tap twice on the device to check its battery life. In case the light flashes green, then the battery is still high, while yellow indicates medium and red means that you should re-charge your Juul as soon as possible for continued use. You will then have to plug it to the magnetic USB stick and wait for about one hour for the batter to be fully charged.

Vaping the Juul Pods

The Juul pods comes with an extremely high concentration of nicotine levels, which make them hit really high. Combined with a salt based nicotine the pods mimic the throat feeling experienced when smoking cigarettes. In light of this, the Juul does a perfect job through the nic hit felt from regular cigarettes. As we mentioned earlier, the Juul pod contains an approximate of 0.7mls of e-juice, which is an evuivalent of one packet of cigars. Moreover, it was quiet impressive that for medium users, the pod lasts a whole day. Unfortunately, though, the battery will need to be re-charged as it does not measure up to the life of the pods, especially for heavy users who might be required to carry an extra battery.

Juul Pod Flavour Review

Fruit Medley

Flavor: grapes, peaches, and berries with a herbal taste

Thoughts: Although it may not be everyone’s favorite, one cannot resist trying the grape flavor.

Cool Mint

Flavor: crisp peppermint and soothing aftertaste

With its nice and refreshing vape, the mint pod is not bad and can be a favorite with some people.

Virginia Tobacco

Flavor: Unmistakably rich American Tobacco

Thoughts: the Virginia Tobacco pod is a favorite bunch for smokers who want a flavor related to the flavor of the cigarette. However, for experienced vapers they may not enjoy it as much.

Crème Brulee

Flavor: Vanilla cake, silky custard and crm brle

Thoughts: the flavor has been known to be liked by many who describe it as providing a nice sweet vape. The pod is especially good for people with a sweet-tooth.

Overall the Julls flavor are solid but they can be improved, although it seems the nicotine salts could also be the reason behind the flavor.


It is small, light and portable

Measuring about 9 cm long and weighing next to zero, the tiny vape is suitable for those people who want to move around with it discreetly.

Extremely High Throat Hit

Given the nicotine contents and the high PG ratio present in the pods, the Juul e-cig is recommended for ex-smokers who want to experience the same nicotine hit in their throats.

Simple To Use

Unlike other complicated vaping kits, the Juul Vapor is quite simple to use and all you will require is to replace the coils or fill the tank up with e-juice every time it is exhausted. The kit is relatively appealing to a number of smokers and starters who want to start using the vapers.


In terms of elegance, the Juul kit matches the Pax 3. However, although looks are only subjective, in our opinion, if only the shape was more rounded at the edges and looked slightly less USB box, then it would look even better than the Pax 3.

Re-charging Time

The Juul pod is said to re-charge at a very short period. In less than one hour, after plugging it into power, the kit flickers full. However, if you believe that battery life is an issue especially for heavy users, then it is advisable to have a spare one at hand.


Battery Life

Given its small size, the battery life of the Juul Vapor cannot be compared to other larger devices. We recommend having two or more devices as back-up in particular is you are a heavy user.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best starter vape in the market, then Juul Vape is your best bet. Apart from being popular with many experienced vapers who are purchasing it as a portable solution for vaping when at work or traveling, the vape has also won the Vaping360 award for best beginners’ kit. It hit the throat extremely hard, while making vaping relatively simple. Moreover, it is perfect for people who do not want to keep on refilling the tank and replacing coils. However, of importance to note, since it was introduced into the market in 2016, there have been several copycat products. Luckily, none of them measures up to the quality and experience of the Juul and since its inception in 2016, we can attest that the producers did not take rest but keep on improving the kit as time goes by. Leaking is no longer an issue and more flavor pods are being released into the market.