Joyetech eGo One

As a beginner you want a vaping device that is easy to use and that will give you a vaping experience that is better than satisfactory. Why not start with the Joyetech Ego One Starter Kit? It is a simple device that delivers top results. Featuring 2 different coils and a couple of interchangeable batteries, it is named “One” because it has the ability to deliver vapour directly to the mouth and also to the lungs depending on what you prefer. Its ease of use makes it suitable for those who are looking to switch between 1 ohm coil to 0.5 ohm coil.

You can get it in 2 types: Large(r) 2200mAh with a 2.5 ml tank or the 110aMh 1.8 ml tank. Do not be deceived by the large sounding numbers – both these models are very small and highly portable – they will easily fit in your jeans or jacket pockets. Even one who is completely new to vaping will find the Joyetech Ego One a breeze to use.

What is notable about the Joyetech Ego One?


The first thing that most people notice about this vaporizer is how small it is. It is wrong to describe the 2200aMh as larger because in truth it is only slightly longer than the 1100aMh, with the difference being that the smaller one is only a little bit thicker. That said, they are both about 19mm across, which makes brands such as Provari look enormous. You can compare it to the Nautilus Mini or Kanger Subtank Nano. You may be wondering about the kind of power you can get from such a small device – suffice it to say that it is impressive. It is a great vaping unit for those who want to get medicated on the down low and also for beginners who may not want to make their vaping so obvious. The aesthetics are also a big selling point.


It is hard to oversell how nice this vaporizer looks. Not only is it small and elegant, it is also compact and sleek making it the right fit for your pocket. It is definitely much better than the bigger box mods – no one will know that you have one on you unless you show it to them. Unlike many small brands that are small and delicate, this one is actually small and sturdy so you don’t have to worry about accidental breakage. For now it is only in stainless steel but as I expect the Joyetech Ego One to become quite a hit I expect the manufacturer will soon have it in different colors.

Versatility with Different Coils and Airflow

As mentioned in the beginning, this vaping device comes with 2 different coils – the 0.5 ohm coil and the 1 ohm coil. If you are a beginner you may want to start with the 1 ohm coil – it delivers rich and flavorful vapors directly into the mouth once the airflow is turned down. As you become more seasoned, however, you may want to upgrade to the 0.5 ohm, open airflow vape which has the ability to deliver vapor into the lungs. Both can be used with heavier e-liquids, but of course you are free to choose whatever you find more flavorful.

The ohm wattage are not fixed – there are adjustment buttons and a screen that allows you to choose whatever you feel is optimal. My advice is that as a beginner you should buy both coils so that you can switch between the 2 experiences and find out which one you like best. It also saves you the trouble of buying other devices to enhance your vaping experience.

Ease Of Use For Beginners

What makes Joyetech Ego One so easy to use is the fact that users don’t have to fiddle about with wattages and the batteries aren’t removable – in other words, fill and use right away. All you need to do is open the tank, fill it with liquid, cover and enjoy your vapour. One thing you should be careful about is the filling gap – it is pretty thin and since you don’t want any accidents you should be careful when filling. To turn it on hit the start button 5 times. If you are having any problems operating the unit refer to the in-depth manual that comes with it – it gives you step by step instructions.

People with more experience with vaping devices may not like the fact that this unit doesn’t have an LED screen and that they cannot see or change their wattages, but these are the very things that are such an advantage to beginners.

Battery Life

Considering that this little device is no larger than your index finger, its battery life is quite impressive. The 100aMh lasts for between 5 and 6 hours so this gives you a fair idea of how long the bigger battery lasts – you can use it all day without needing to recharge it. To do that you can use a USB charger (it is a pass-through charging which means that you can use it as it charges). There is an LED screen on the device that tells you how you are doing in terms of battery life – different types of flashing tell you how much juice you have left.

60% – 100% Stays lit
30% – 59% Slow flashes
10% – 29% Moderate flashes
0 – 9% Flashes rapidly

Here is what you get:
A USB charger
Wall adaptor
2 different drip tips
2 different coils

All you need to do is buy your own e-liquid to get started. The manufacturer kept it deliberately simple so that beginners can have an easy time.

Flavor and Vapor

Starter kits that are made of coil design generally produce good flavour and the Joyetech Ego One is no different – you can compare it to brands such as the Aspire Premium Kit. That said, I must say that it doesn’t compare very well to bigger ohm tanks such as the Subtank Mini. In comparison, the Joyetech Ego One is sometimes said to produce flavour that is flowery and even plasticky. Dont forget, however, that with these bigger tanks you are sacrificing size as well as discretion. You should also take into account that the bigger ones are not very easy to use. However, taste is an individual preference – there are many who say that they are completely satisfied with the taste of the vapour that they get from their Joyetech Ego One unit, at least compared to other beginners. Also, it may not be fair to compare beginner kits with more advanced sub ohm tanks because these are known for producing unbeatable flavours.

As for flavour comparison between the 0.5 ohm and the 1 ohm, the 0.5 tends to produce a better flavour but the density is pretty much the same in both of them. In all, it can easily be said that the flavour produced by the Joyetech Ego One is pretty good, some would say as good as you would get from some sub ohm tanks.


Every fair reviews looks at pros and cons so here is what I don’t like about the Joyetech Ego One.

Wicking material

Let me start by saying that this is purely my opinion and may not even be based on facts. Looking at the inside of the wick which touches the coil, I can see that it is made of a material that crumbles, maybe similar to what the wick of the Delta 2 sub ohm tank (I haven’t really done any research to confirm this). I worry that when it fragments into tiny fibers they could easily end up in your lungs leading to serious health issues. I am afraid that this is not the kind of wick that I would like to see – I would prefer if the manufacturer would switch to 100% organic cotton which wouldn’t fragment when in contact with a heated coil. I must reiterate that this is my opinion and it is possible that others have had a different experience. If you have I would love to hear it.

Warm Vape and Hot Metal Drip Tip

As I mentioned earlier, you get a metal drip tip and a glass one. My experience was with the 1100 mAh battery using the 0.5 ohm coil – I must say that it became uncomfortably hot. I tried the glass one and it maintained comfortable temperatures so that is the one that I use now. The only problem is that juice tends to accumulate in this one which interferes with the perfect aesthetics of this unit. I think the manufacturer can make the drip tip out of a material that solves both these problems.

Hard To See My Juice

I know that this is not a big deal especially if the vaping experience is as good as you get with a Joyetech Ego One, the window is so small that it can be hard to see how much juice you have left. I understand that this may have been by design to keep the tank from breaking but still, I would like to know whether I should carry some juice along. To be safe I have some with me at all times to be sure that I don’t run out. I’m sure that the manufacturer can find a way around this.

Thin Refill Gap

I mentioned earlier that this unit has a very small refill gap which means that if you aren’t careful you may end up with spill-overs. I have been able to get around this by using a needle to refill rather than pipette. This may not be so obvious to beginners and they may end up wasting juice before they realize what the problem may be.

Not Compatible With Other Tanks

Today there are numerous vaping units that allow you to load different kinds of tanks but not this one since it doesn’t use a spring loading mechanism. It would have been nice if it could, but for now I will continue to use it as a single kit.


I definitely recommend the Joyetech Ego One for anyone who is vaping for the first time. It will maintain discretion when it is needed, it looks great and provides an awesome vaping experience. Granted, there are some things that can be improved but I must say that the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Keep in mind that the quality of your vaping experience will also be determined by the kind of e-juice you buy.

If you want to start at slightly higher level you may want to go with the more sophisticated sub ohm tanks but remember you may be giving up some of the things that make the Joyetech Ego One such a great vaping device.