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Haze V3 Dual Bowl Vaporizer Review

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The Haze V3, or Version 3, is made by Haze Technologies and is the third in a series of vaporizers that have been rather successful. The Haze has dual bowls and can be used for both herb and wax or e-liquids. In fact, you don’t have to choose one or the other – you can vape different materials at the same time because it comes with cans that can be attached to it for concentrates. The second Haze was also good but it had mouthpiece problems. Haze Technologies has fixed it by adding a lip to it. It sells for $249 which may sound like a lot but if you can spare that kind of cash it is definitely a vaporizer worth having. Here is a full review.

Haze V3 Dimensions and Discretion

The best way to describe the Haze V3 is a small flask – you know the one that you can use to carry alcohol around. Since it is made out of stainless steel it weighs a bit more than other vaporizers in this category but it can fit in a pocket quite easily and can also be hidden away in a hoodie. If you really want to hide it the best place to keep it is in a backpack. It weighs 193 grams and has 2 chambers, is 4 inches tall and a little more than 3 inches wide.

Temperatures and Heating

The heating system on this one is pretty cool. It is actually a heat exchange mechanism – it pulls cool air from outside which is then heated as it enters the chamber and is cooled again as it leaves the unit. This allows for battery conservation. Since it is a patented heating system there is no other vaporizer that uses this technology. You can get it ready for a draw in between 50 and 60 seconds which is longer than several other vaporizers in this category, but once it is hot it gives you pretty consistent temps throughout your vaping session. All herb is burnt quite evenly and you don’t have to stir to freshen things up.

Dual Chamber

This is the first vaporizer in the market to have a dual chamber that works without any hitches. You can use it to burn herb, concentrates or oils using the cans that are included. The unit has 4 screens – 2 for convection and 2 for conduction. I have tried all using all the cans and I got the best results when I used the all purpose can burn herb. You should grind it really fine and then pack the chamber tight for the best vapor quality. You can get around .2 gram into the can and that is just enough for one person, maybe for 2 if you want a short and less intense vaping session. If you want to pre-pack bowls (like when you will be outdoors for a while) you can buy extra cans – they are just $10.99 for a pair.

Battery Life and Charging

The unit comes with 2 additional lithium batteries that have to be charged externally (3200mAh li-ion 18650 3.7 V). This battery is much better than what was in the Haze 2.5. The batteries, I must say, are what I like most about this vaporizer – you can have the extras charged and ready to go if you will be away from an energy source for a long time. I am able to get 4 sessions on a fully charged battery, with the average session lasting about 15 minutes. This can vary based on the kind of herb you are burning, how finely you grind it and also the can that you are using. The kit includes a charging dock that can be used to charge both batteries at the same time. You also get a car charger. If you really want to make the most out the Haze 3 you should always have an extra battery that is fully charged.

Haze Kit

The kit includes a cleaning brush and a scoop but these are nothing new – many brands have them. You do, however, get 2 different mouthpieces, one which is all glass and another which is made of stainless steel. Some people say that they get better flavor with the glass piece but I must say that I haven’t noticed much difference. I prefer the stainless steel only because I think it is better looking.


You get a pretty good warranty – 10 years on materials and workmanship. You are however not covered for degraded performance over time, batteries and the mouthpieces are also not covered. I must say that this is a pretty good deal because overall I have found the Haze V3 quite a sturdy piece – you don’t have to worry about it coming apart even when you share with another person.


So long as you are in for varied vaping experiences, the Haze V3 is definitely a vaporizer you should consider – you can vape herb, wax, and e-liquid or a combination of any two at the same time. Because of the dual bowl, it is easy to pack and also quite easy to take apart for cleaning. The temperature settings can be changed at any time during your vaping session and I also like the fact that I can use different kinds of herbs with the same great results.

The 10-year warranty is reassurance from the manufacturer – they are confident that this unit will last that long. Haze Technologies takes feedback very seriously and they are constantly making changes based on it. I am looking forward to seeing what they will have for us in the future. I expect that they will improvements on the Haze V3. Make sure that you get your Haze V3 vaporizer from an authorized vendor – your warranty may otherwise be voided.

If you are not convinced that the Haze V3 is not really the vaporizer you are looking for I would advise that you try the Firefly 2. It is a portable vaporizer that heats through convection pretty fast – it is ready for use in between 5 and 7 seconds, one of the fastest in the market. I must say that I really enjoy using mine for both herbs and concentrates. It is also very small and therefore easy to carry around.

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