Halo Triton II

Halo Triton II
Halo Triton 2 Introduction

In the jungle, the lion is king. In the vaping world, Halo Triton is king.

Halo Triton 2 is the updated vaporizer from Halo and it is one of the most successful vaporizers that have been manufactured on the market to date. The Halo is credited as being the vaping company that led many smokers to give up burning their herbs and vaping them instead. Also, Halo was perhaps the first company to pioneer the development and evolution of e-liquids vaping products by manufacturing vaporizers such as the Triton and the G6.

Experienced vapers who have been vaping for a while are definitely familiar with the Triton and for those who are not, let me take a moment to educate you on the Halo Triton 2.

Halo Triton 2 Standout Features

This device has the ultimate classic look and feel to it. But don’t underestimate it. The Halo Triton 2 is embedded with modern features and updated settings that simplify your vaping experience from start to end. This vaporizer is easily accessible and produces great vapor quality and amount. Since there are so many vaping products available on the market today, let me save you some time and tell you exactly where the Halo Triton 2 fits in the vaping world.

First of all, if you’re looking for a rebuilder or if you’re a big fan of high-powered TC mods then I can definitely tell you right now that the Triton 2 will not meet your needs. Though the Triton 2 has subohm capabilities, if you’re looking for a hub subohm vape clouds that are immense and can be seen in the air, then this vaporizer may not be your best choice. The Triton 2 is great for those who enjoy mouth to lung inhalation as well as vape clouds that are highly flavorful.

Mouth-to-lung vs Direct lung inhalation vaping?

In simple terms, mouth-to-lung vaping is when you take in or draw in the vapor inside of your mouth first, then you take a quick pause before inhaling, directing the vapor into your lungs. This is a similar approach to smoking. The Triton 2 has different coil options and whether you want mouth-to-lungs or direct lung inhalation will depend on the atomizer coil you are using as well as the drip tip. Those who are new to vaping usually prefer mouth-to-lung until they become more experienced at which point they can lean more towards the direct lung style of vaping.

Direct lung inhalation is when you take in or draw in the vapor directly into your lungs. For direct lung vaping, usually you would use a subohm atomizer coil or TC coil that is compatible with high VG e-liquids. When choosing e-liquids for this vaporizer be sure to keep in mind if you’re going to do mouth-to-lung or direct lung inhalation. This will help you get a better vaping experience as well as meet your expectations for this product. Both styles work well in my opinion, just make sure that you have the right atomizer and the appropriate e-liquid.
PG and VG E-Liquids

Ideally, you would choose a 50/50 and/or 70/30 VG/PG e-liquids for mouth-to-lung inhalation. With subohm direct lung inhalation, you don’t need the same level of nicotine sine you’ll be inhaling more vapor therefore you want to be in the range of 3 mg or 6 mg for VG e-liquids. Included in the Halo Triton kit are two drip tips that are of standard size and one drip trip that is wide bore. Usually, you would use the standard drip tips for mouth to lung vaping while the other wide bore dip trip would be used for direct lung inhalation vaping.

Halo Triton 2 also gives you the option to have three atomizers: 1.5-ohm option, 1.2-ohm option and 0.75-ohm option. All of these coils are compatible with mouth to lung vaping, even the 0.75. However, if you want the direct lung inhalation with the 0.70-ohm option, just be sure that you select a VG e-juice that is compatible. As we stated in the previous section, for mouth to lung vaping you want to stay around 50/50 or 70/30 PG/VG e-juice; however, for direct lung inhalation, be sure that your e-liquid is in the range of 3 mg and 6 mg.

Great news! Halo Cigs will give you a fee 30 ml bottle of one of their world renown e-liquids with your purchase of the Halo Triton 2. Who doesn’t want free e-liquid bottle from Halo.

Halo Triton 2 Review

This vaporizer is available in eight different colors: solid black, standard grey stainless steel, pink, red, blue, purple, silver and multi colored. The multi colored vaporizer is one of Halo’s unique features with a mixture of vibrant neon colors. The kit cost about $45 which is a great price considering that in the kit, you’re getting about twice of everything. Included in the kit is:

– 2x Triton II 700 mAh Batteries
– 2x Triton II glass tanks of about 2ml
– 3x Triton II coil heads of about 0.75 ohm
– 2x standard mouthpieces
– Wide bore mouthpiece
– USB adapter
– Wall Charger
– 30 ml bottle e-juice
– Instruction Manual

In summary, you get two full Halo Triton 2 electronic cigarettes. Never worry about running out, you’ll always have a backup e-cig and your fully charged battery will provide you with a long lasting vaping experience. If ever you run out which will not be frequent, you have an extra battery that you can keep as a spare. So for about $45 you get everything that is listed below.

Wow, what a great deal.

The batteries (700 mAh) measure about 92 mm in long. Theres a 900 mAh battery that is available for purchase if you ware interested in it. In case you’re wondering about the safety shut off time period, it’s just about 15 seconds. Once 15 seconds passes without use, the battery automatically shuts off to safeguard the product as well ensuring continuing safe operation.

The Triton 2 tank is capable to hold up to 2 ml and it also comes with the three coil options that we mentioned earlier. Also, you get standards and wide bore drip tips. If you are new to vaporizer or if you are an experienced vaporizer that prefers mouth to lung inhalation, you will definitely enjoy the standard drip tips so you definitely want to purchase some extra coils. My ultimate favorite one is the 1.2-ohm. One pack of coils can run you about $11. Not bad at all.

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Summary of The Halo Triton 2

The Triton 2 is proven to perform really well. It’s reliable, durable, and produces great vapor quality and taste. It’s everything I expected it to be and I highly recommend it. It’s a great choice for those who are new to vaping as well as experienced vapors. With its different atomizers and setting options, you cannot go wrong whether you are a mouth-to-lung type of vaper or a direct lung inhalation vaper. The choice is yours. Either way, Halo Triton 2 lives up to its reputation.