Halo Tracer Twist

Halo Tracer Twist
It’s often been said that a great mod is as great as the tank on top of it.

Well, if there’s any truth to this saying, and let me tell you right now that there is, the Tracer is definitely the total package mod vape pen. It’s battery life is excellent, lasting a very long time and furthermore, to go back to the first sentence above, the Tracer has a tank measuring 3.5 ml that is included in the kit. The Tracer made by Halo is arguably one of the best vape pens for those who are into sub-ohm vape mode.

Before we get deep into it, I want to give a little overview of the sub-ohm vaping method, which is becoming the fastest growing vaping category. To put it in simple terms, sub-ohm vaping is the feature on a vaporizer’s atomizer that has less than a one ohm resistance. Therefore, to increase the power output, some vaporizers like the Halo Tracer, have a sub-ohm that use fixed voltage to help create more vapor and/or flavor.

The Halo Tracer might not appear to be too much different for those whom are experienced with sub-ohm devices. But those who are new to sub-ohm can definitely feel the difference. Overall, the main difference is that the Tracer is well priced for a starter kit as well as the fact that it comes with a 30 ml e-juice bottle. The simple usage for this device is definitely a plus as well. If you’re a beginner to the bigger and larger mods and have been using a vape pen that is rechargeable and/or an e-go type of vape pen, then you’ll definitely enjoy the Tracer as it will be an upgrade to your vaping lifestyle.

The Halo Tracer is designed in a two piece parts: tank and battery. Other than the turn “on” button, it does not have any other buttons. The tank that you get in the starter kit is rather simple, you only have to twist a little to get the bottom off and you can refill it. Therefore without unscrewing everything, you can adjust the airflow to your liking whether that is straight to your throat, or through your mouth first, then to your lungs, or straight to your lungs. It’s all depends on your preference.

While the Halo Tracer’s design is very simple and does not have any extra setting that need to be paid attention to, this vape pen’s performance would not be considered as “simple”. The Halo Tracer produces some of the most powerful vaping clouds. They are thick, tasteful, and highly flavorful. All you have to do to get this bad boy ready is charge it up (the battery), place your material in the tank, and click on the button five times and it turns on. There you go. Vaping time is here. Yay!

What’s in the Box:

– 2600 mAh Tracer Battery (1)
– Tracer 3.5 ml Tank (1)
– Tracer stainless steel mouthpiece (1)
– Tracer glass mouthpiece (1)
– 0.5 ohm Tracer Single Coil heads (2)
– USB charging cable (1)
– Wall charger (1)
– Detailed user Manual (1)
– 30 ml bottle of Halo V-Type High VG E-liquid (your choice of 1)

Halo Tracer Warranty:

– Battery: warranty of 60 days from date of purchase
– Wall/USB chargers: warranty of 90 days from date of purchase
– Tank: warranty of 30 days from date of purchase


The Halo Tracer definitely delivers. It meets all expectations. The device itself is quite simple but that does not mean that it does not perform. The Halo Tracer’s performance is of high quality, producing thick, powerful vape clouds. The starter kit is amazing and we believe that this vape pen is definitely one you want to keep long-term.