G Pen ELITE Review


The G Pen Elite vaporizer, one of the latest in the market, is a dry herb vaporizing unit that is brought to you by Grenco Science, the makers of the G Pen Herbal and Micro G Pen. The manufacturer describes it as a huge leap in vaporizer tech so I was very keen to try it out for myself. Although it is advertised as both a convection and conduction vaporizer, it actually heats only through conduction.

The G Pen comes in an ergonomic design that is highly portable, has an LED display that shows you both temperature and battery life and the heating chamber is made purely of ceramic. It is powered by a high-grade lithium battery and runs on smart chip technology making it one of the highest performing vaporizers in the market. Its size and design make it ideal for everyone.

Great For Dry Herbs and Long Vape Sessions

If you like to vape by taking a hit once in a while as opposed to relaxing and having a session then the G Pen Elite is not quite the unit for you – it is best for those who like vaping for a few minutes at least. It has a large ceramic chamber, in fact, the largest one available today. It allows for vaporization of herb from all directions using conduction. It is highly efficient as the ceramic doesn’t lose any heat at all. Temperature settings range from 200F to 428F so you start off at the lower end and keep adjusting until you get to one that brings out the flavors to your liking. Ask anyone who has used it and they will tell you that this unit provides a vaping experience like no other in term of both effects and taste.

The manufacturer included some smart features in the G Pen Elite. One of the coolest is that it shuts off itself automatically 5 minutes after you turn it on – don’t worry if the effects of your weed make you forget to turn off your device, it will go off by itself.

How to use the G Pen Elite

Even if you are new to vaping you will find that this unit is pretty easy to use. You will start by registering your device on the manufacturer’s website using a code that is on the packaging. It will confirm your one year warranty – Grenco Science will reimburse you if the product’s electronic components don’t perform as described. Next, you need to charge it and you do this by plugging it into a USB compatible battery charger that is included – you can use a computer to charge your unit. To load, take the mouthpiece off by lifting and then add your preferred blend. You will get better results if you use fine grinds because it maximizes contact with the oven walls. To turn your G Pen on you will need to press a button on the front panel at least 5 times. AG logo will come on. Now use buttons to choose your preferred temperature. Experienced vapers will tell you that you get best results by starting at a lower temperature and then gradually increasing it until you find the sweet spot.

Be careful not to overheat as it destroys some terpenes and cannabinoids. The best results are achieved at between 350 and 375F. To start the heating process hold down a button on the front panel and when you release it your selected temperature will kick in. As soon as you see the vapors start to be released you can take a hit. Don’t leave any herb in the chamber unburned.

Is it Right For The Price?

This is an excellent question since there are so many vape brands available in the market. The answer is that compared to others that offer a similar experience (PAX 2 for example), this one is cheaper but the vaping experience is smooth. It is also more user-friendly compared to some of the more complicated brands. In fact, it is better in some ways than the PAX 2. The mouthpiece, for example, doesn’t overheat the same way the PAX 2 does.

It also has a manual temperature control unlike the PAX 2 which allows you to focus on your device and nor spend time checking your unit and an app. You can finally control the heating to a degree of your liking to get the best flavor from your blend. Better yet, because of the large chamber, you can pack your g Pen Elite with about 1 gram of herb which means no need for refills.

What Is Not To Like?

A good review looks at the good and the bad so that readers can make up their own minds, and this one is no different. There are definitely some things about the G Pen Elite that Grenco Science can improve. The mouthpiece is one of them. True, its design means that it doesn’t get hot and burn you, but the silicon that it is made out of wears down over time – each time you open your unit to pack it with herbs or clean it there is wear and tear which becomes apparent before very long.

The other thing about the mouthpiece is that it becomes clogged with product resin with repeated use. I found this a big disappointment because the manufacturer doesn’t provide a second piece and neither do they give instructions on how to clean – I am still trying to figure it out, and the limited airflow is taking the joy out of my vaping sessions.

The battery life is the other thing that I’m not impressed with – it is much poorer than that of other similar vapers. I have found that if I vape 2 or 3 times a day the battery level falls to less than half. If you vape on a regular basis you have to charge it every night before you go to bed. This may not sound like a big deal but it will be if you are medicated and forget to charge only to wake up the next day and have to wait for the battery to charge.


Despite the issues I have described above I am still very happy with the quality of vapor that my G Pen produces. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good, portable vaporizer with manual temperature settings. In fact, since it costs just $179 I would say that you are getting an excellent deal.