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Storz and Bickel has made a reputation for itself as a manufacturer of top quality medical equipment and now they bring you the Crafty vaporizer which can easily qualify as best portable vaporizer in terms of quality of vapor, ease of carrying around, it is discreet, it has great design and looks and it is also easy to use. Storz and Bickel, you may want to keep in mind, is not new at this; before the Crafty it launched 3 other excellent vaporizers – the Mighty, the Volcano and the Plenty. The Crafty, however, is in a class of its own, and it often gets rated at 100+ which is better than any other vaporizer in the market. People not only love the unique features; they also like the fact that it is easy to use even for beginners.

To help you make up your mind as to whether it is really as good as everyone says it is I have done an in-depth review that will look at all the features. It is selling for $279 right now which may sound a bit steep but when you take into account the experience you get with this portable vaporizer you will find that it is totally worth every penny.

The Crafty Mobile Phone App

Today any vaporizer worth its name comes with an app that helps with settings. This one works on both android and iPhone and you and you can use it to switch between temperature selections, adjust the LED display, adjust vibration on the unit and you can also control the notifications that you get. You can even adjust the settings so that instead of getting the unit to vibrate when it is ready or a draw your phone vibrates instead. I have found that this particular feature has helped me save on herb. I also like that the app tells me total hours of usage – not vital to the vaping experience but definitely fun especially if you are a beginner (in case you’re curious I have used mine for 110 hours so far!). The app will also teach you about the different materials that you can use your vaporizer for and what temps are best for each.

Dimensions and Discretion

This is easily one of the most portable vaporizers in the market, measuring 4.3 inches in height and 2.2 inches wide. It is also quite light, weighing just 136 gm. It will fit in your jacket or pants pockets quite easily and hides away nicely in a bag or in a hoodie. It fits in the palm of the hand allowing you discretion when you are vaping. That said if you are looking for a really portable unit you may want to consider the PAX 3 which is even smaller and lighter, although it is harder to use and maintain.

Heating and Temp Options

You get 2 heat settings. The Default setting is 356F and you also get a Boost setting at 383F. Both of these can be adjusted between 104F and 410F through the mobile app. The unit takes a bit longer to heat up but I think that was by design. While it will take a couple of minutes to get to about 365F, the draws that you get at this temp are superb – consistent, thick vapor with no baby or ghost draws. This slower burning of the product ensures that you get the most out of every load, unlike others which burn faster but give you fast but inconsistent draws. Once the unit is heated up and ready for a draw it will vibrate to let you know, but you can set it so that you get a notification on your mobile phone instead.

Chamber, Usage Tips and How to Pack

I must say I like that you can pack quite a bit of herb into this little unit – ideally, you should be able to get about .25 grams in there. I tried more and was able to get .3 grams in, but I must say that it did affect the draw resistance a bit. However much you decide to get in there you can be sure of one thing – consistent draws of thick, dense, flavorful vapor. You can pack it loose or tight depending on how much draw resistance you can stand but you can expect the same results every time. One reason why the vapor is so rich is the fact that it has a cooling unit at the top, which lowers the temperature of the vapor and makes it denser right before you inhale it.


This vaporizer comes with a lithium ion battery, the latest in battery technology, which is rechargeable and gives you about 45 minutes of use (an average of 4 sessions). You can recharge it in 2 hours and you can even use it while it is charging so long as the battery is above 20%. The manufacturer can definitely do something to make a battery that lasts longer and charges faster but that said, kudos for the fact that because it has a USB charger you can charge it on your laptop at any time. You can also buy an additional battery for about $15.

How Does Crafty Compare to Mighty?

We mentioned at the beginning that Storz and Bickel produced the Might before the Crafty. After using both I can tell you that the biggest differences I have seen are the size of the units and battery duration – Crafty is smaller with a better battery life. The Might has its upsides too – it heats faster and maintains temperatures better especially if it is cold. The Mighty is more for heavy duty users but if you want a smaller device that you can use for just a few sessions a day then the Crafty is a much better deal. I would say that both of them are pretty good, the only major difference being portability. I choose the Crafty simply because it is smaller and the app makes it easy to adjust settings and also because I can conveniently charge it through my laptop.

If, however, portability is your thing you should be looking at the PAX 3 – it can fit into any pocket and in your palm without detection. If battery life is what you are after then the Davinci IQ might be best for you because it comes with a replaceable battery.

The Kit

You will get a number of cool accessories with the Crafty vaporizer: a cleaning brush, replacement seals, screens, a grinder and a filling aid which connects at the top of the unit and funnels herb into it to avoid spillage and wastage.


The other thing I wish the manufacturer reconsidered is the warranty – right now it only lasts for 2 years, covering workmanship and defective manufacture. I don’t worry about this too much though as Storz and Bickel are known for solid products.


True, there are certain things that the manufacturer could have improved on this vaporizer but all in all, I would give it a rating of more than 9.6/10. I love the vapor quality, the fact that you never need to stir your herb and although the battery doesn’t last you can charge it on your laptop. It is also easy to maintain and first time users will find it a breeze to use. If you can afford it you should definitely go for it.

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