Atmos Kiln RA

Atmos Kiln RA
Atmos Kiln RA Main Points Review:

The Atmos Kiln RA comes with a ceramic wax. It also comes with a re-buildable atomizer “RA”. The rebuildable design feature means that it is easier and more flexible today more than ever before to replace the ceramic coil. In other words, if need be, you don’t have to change the entire chamber, you only have to replace the parts you need.

Included in the Atmos Kiln RA, is a 510 attachment and if you purchase it as a kit, it comes with a 950mAh lithium-ion battery that is portable, meaning you can easily carry it with you. Overall, the Kiln RA is definitely one of the best vaporizer pens available on the market today. And even more impressive is its inexpensive price tag.

Atmos Kiln RA Kit Detailed Review:

Atmos Kiln RA Vape Pen Design:

The Atmos Kiln RA’s measurements are 2.12 inches tall and 0.875 inches for its diameter. This vape pen is tiny and portable, it’s definitely easy to carry around almost anywhere. The heating chamber is made with pure ceramic which makes this vape pen very durable and long lasting use of your favorite concentrates.

Atmos Kiln RA vs Atmos Kiln:

The main difference between those two vaporizers is that the Kiln RA, is the upgraded version from its predecessor, the Kiln. As previously mentioned, the Kiln RA has rebuildable atomizer design features, making it a great vape pen for experienced vapers who enjoy building, rebuilding, or putting together their own atomizers. The Kiln RA has all the tools you need to put the vape pen together easily and efficiently.

Atmos Kiln RA Performance Factors:

This vape pen outperforms many other vaporizers on the market. Its ceramic heat chamber has a stellar reputation for evenly heating up the wax, which in turns produces, clean, smooth, and reliable vaping taste. I recommend setting your wattage between 5 to 15 Watts while using and taking full advantage of the fully adjustable wattage battery. From prior experience, I would say that your best vape might come in the range of 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for the temperature.

Beware of setting it too high as you run the risk of burning up your concentrate way too fast and being left with a distasteful flavor. All things equal, we recommend using your vape pen with 900mAh or 1100mAh 510 batteries. On the other hand, if using a standard 510 variable voltage battery is your preferred method, just make sure you don’t set the temperature too high so that you can still enjoy a tasteful vape flavor instead of a nasty and brittle vaping flavor.

Atmos Kiln RA Starter Kit Design:

Atmos did a spectacular job with the kit. Although I often refer to it as a “starter” kit, don’t let that confuse you. The Kit was made for all vape lovers not only those who are new to vaping. You’ll noticed its smoothness right away once you touch it. It’s also very easy to hold. The On/Off button is straight, direct, and simple. The Atmos has 950mAh lithium-ion battery that provides powerful performance and is also easily portable.

Included in the design, is a Dual PCB/IC Protection which helps protect your vape pen from overcharging and/or power shortages. The Atmos has a diameter of .875 inches and stands at a height of 4.5 inches. The kit comes with the ceramic attachment. This vape pen is designed to allow for pass-through vaping, which means that while it’s being charged via the US cable, you don’t have to wait, you can use it. From experience, we know that the Atmos provides smooth, sleek, and tasteful draws, courtesy of its dual airflow holes.

This is definitely one of the best vape pens available on the market.

Atmos Kiln RA Kit vs KandyPens MINI:

It’s no secret that both vape pens perform well. They both have specific characteristics that make them great vaporizers depending on the criteria being considered. But all things considered, the Kiln RA Kit is my favorite for the simple fact that its ceramic dish is replaceable. With the Kiln RA Kit, you don’t have to worry about swapping out your whole vaporizer, for about $19.96, you can replace the ceramic dish (click here).

KandyPens MINI do are not designed that way, if you wish to swap out the atomizer, you would have to buy the entire ceramic chamber which cost more than $50 (click here).

Atmos Kiln RA Vapor Quality Review:

The Kiln RA provides great quality vapor, smooth, sleek, and flavorful. In fact, the Kiln RA’s flavor is compatible with that of the KandyPens Mini. Vape lovers all report that using the Kiln RA is highly pleasurable. Similar to the KandyPens Mini, the Kiln RA has a 10-seconds of inactivity period after which it automatically turns itself off; that way, it protects your device and prevent your materials from overheating.

I love the airflow capability that comes through the ceramic dish. But be sure not to put too much oil on the attachment since this device although small, is very powerful. The resistance of the draw feels quite natural, and inhaling your vape is a pleasant experience. Basically, instead of a mouth-to-lung vaping experience, you get more of a direct-to-lung vapor.

Reasons Why Atmos Kiln RA is Recommended by Vaporizer Starz:

Vaporizer Starz highly recommends the Atmos Kiln RA for those looking for powerful performance, stylish vape pen, small and portable design, rebuildable atomizer feature, production of smooth, sleek, tasteful vape flavor, and that overall it’s one of the best vaporizers available on the market. This vape pen definitely lives up to its reputation.