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arizer air vaporizer review


Take a look at the Arizer Air.

It’s one of the newest, smallest vape on the market. The Arizer air was designed to be extremely powerful, delivering a sophisticated and exclusive heating technology that is solid, lasting, and well balanced. This vaporizer has a high capacity rechargeable battery that give you up to one hour of nonstop vaping per charge. This is an average of five sessions which last about 12 minutes each. Solo Vaporizer gives you the option of carrying extra charged batteries with you in case you plan to use this vape for more than an hour.

While this vape is super small, don’t be fooled. Its performance is anything but small.

The Arizer Air is super easy and very simple to use. And even better is the fact that the battery is really easy to charge up and change as well. Worried about high maintenance vapes that take forever to clean up? Well, you can rest easy with the Arizer Air. Though advanced in features and performance, this vape doesn’t need much maintenance at all. All of the glass parts are super easy to clean and when ready, you can load them up effortlessly.

Wait! It gets even better.

The Glass Aroma Tubes are super easy to pre-load because of the stem caps that are included in the package. You also get a carrying case which makes pre-loading, loading, and taking your vape with your anywhere you want. Be ready for the ultimate vaping experience. The Arizer Air is supper easy and convenient.

Ready for a vaping break and/or forgot to shut off the device?

No worries.

This vaporizer has an automatic shut off timer system that will turn your unit off after ten minutes of no usage. This, my friends and all vape lovers, is the perfect time needed to head up and use your vaping materials, all the while preserving and maintaining the life of your battery. There are many additional cool features that make this well worth your money: its power, performance, ease of use, and attention to details.

The Arizer Air is the perfect vaporizer for relaxing at home use as well as continuous vaping on the go. As we previously mentioned, it has up to an hour of nonstop vape and the ability to use it while it’s charging make this vape one of best available on the market. Its performance is unparralled. It has ceramic and glass parts that are made with materials of the highest quality.

Keep in mind that the glass parts are a positive because they are free of inert and toxins. This is extremely helpful when it comes to releasing vapor that is rich in oxygen without having to sacrifice the flavor of material. And with various temperature control options, you have the choice to set your devise to your thickness preference. Whether you like clouds that are faint and smooth, or thick and strong, you can have it your way with the Arizer Air.

When taking a closer look at this vaporizer, you’ll immediately notice its solid outer shell that protects it from anticipated wear and tear. The outer surface also has a top that is vented which helps keep the body of the vaporizer nice and cool. This vape was designed with high standards in mind. It’s clearly evident that they have used only the highest quality materials for manufacturing. Arizer Air was built to last you a very long time. Furthermore, you get a limited warranty with purchase as well as access to Arizer’s excellent customer service team for any questions you may have.

In the package, you get two different types of mouthpieces also called stems. The first one is designed similarly to a Solo stem. The only thing is that it’s a little shorter. The second stem has a plastic tip for cover on the end and you can totally remove it. As previously mentioned, this vaporizer is super easy to use. There are no fancy buttons, no fancy features that you have to figure out. Basically, in the front of it, you’ll find a single button on which you press and hold for a couple of seconds. Then it’s on and you are able to choose from the available temperature settings, all five of them. Personally, I prefer the white and green levels which range between 374°F (190°C) and 392°F (200°C). In my opinion, these settings definitely provide the best vaping experience. But of course, the choice is yours.

Be sure to take your preferable stem and fill it up with the herbs you want to grind up nicely. Then, pack the tip of the glass until it is full. I recommend tamping it down a little so that nothing falls out and that it’s not too loose. I also recommend holding the main unit upside down so that you have a good grip when attaching the stem to the chamber and pressing it gently into place. If you notice that at this point its way too tight, don’t worry. Just let the vape warm up a little before putting the stem in. That should give you a little bit more room so that you can easily connect the stem to the chamber. Once connected, wait for about a minute or two before vaping, to give the devise proper time to reach the right temperature. Once that time has passes, it’s time to bring the stem to your lips and start vaping.

Whoot! Whoot!

Finally we made it.

Overall, while I’ve used other vaporizers that have a better draw flow/resistance, this definitely gets the job done. Sometimes it can feel a little tight, almost as if you’re sucking something heavy through a tiny straw. If you notice that you’re struggling with this, I recommend lifted the glass stem up about one to two millimeters from the chamber, bottom side. This should definitely improve your easiness of draw intake.

In the first few draws, the vapor is light, almost see through but you definitely get a lot of flavor. Then after a couple of draws, you’ll notice more substance vapor full of tasteful and complete flavor. For maximum amount of vapor, try making your draw last in between five to ten seconds.

This vaporizer is impressive when it comes to performance and the vapor quality it provides. I would say it’s definitely exceed your average expectations. Its best features are the quality taste and flavors as well as the price. I would also say that I expected the vapor to be a little thicker but keeping in mind the price and the intention behind the manufacturing of this device, I think it delivers everything it promised.

The Arizer Air is an efficient device, having the ability to hold approximately up to 0.25 ground up dry herbs. Not bad at all. From that measurement, you should get about ten to fifteen generous draw intakes. Not to mention that this vaporizer is very reliable, living up to the Solo’s reputation of durable quality devices.

As mentioned earlier, it’s super easy to clean and maintain but be sure to brush out the chamber and clean up the stems after each use. This isn’t extra. It’s what you’re supposed to do anyway to make sure that your device and all its parts are well maintained. If you intend on keeping your vaporizer looking brand new, make sure that the stems are well taken care off because if you don’t clean them regularly, you’ll start getting residue buildup and other tiny burned materials inside of your glass. If this happens to you, you can always soak the stems in isopropyl alcohol. Let them sit in the alcohol for a little bit of time before rinsing off with regular water. Another reason to keep your stems clean is because clean stems provide a good foundation for pure and tasteful original flavor without all that residue.

Finally, if you’re thinking that this vaporizer isn’t so luxurious you’re right. It isn’t. But it does get the job done. It’s small, compact, and portable, and has amazing performance. If you’re looking for a vaporizer that is solid, provides concentrated vapor and tasteful flavor at an affordable price, the Arizer is a great choice for you. Click here to buy one from the vaporizer store we recommend. FYI, this store gives us a small portion of the sale at no additional cost to you. Purchasing your vaporizer through our link helps us maintain this website and gives us the opportunity to do more honest and authentic reviews. Your support means the world to us and our vaping friends around the world who greatly benefits from our review.