Mighty Vaporizer Review

Mighty Vaporizer review

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Storz and Bickel have created yet another winner – the Mighty vaporizer. Before it, they brought us the Crafty and the Volcano, which were both bigger than the Mighty but which had shorter battery lives. In fact, the Mighty has the best battery life of all portable vaporizers I have used. I have given it a rating of 9.2 out of 10, which makes it quite a winner as it is the 4th best I have tried and that is saying something since I have tested more than 100 vaporizers. It is small which makes it portable and because it uses both conduction and convection heating it gives very consistent results.

It is also very easy to use and you can control heat settings using buttons on the device. I have already said that it is portable, but I must mention that if you are looking for discretion you might want to try smaller brands in the market. Otherwise, if you are after great battery life and a great vaping experience then this is the vaporizer for you. It is also a bit pricey, retailing at $349.

Mighty Dimensions

The Mighty is not easy to hide away in your pocket – the best way to carry it around is in a backpack or in a purse. It is 5.5 inches tall and has a diameter of 1.2 inches. It weighs 230 grams which are quite heavy compared to the Crafty which weighs only 135 grams or the PAX 2 which weighs 90 grams. The Firefly 2 is also lighter, weighing 140 grams. Size doesn’t deter the usage; I like to take it about with me when I am with friends because I know that it will work for a long time without running out of battery. It is also a great vaporizer for novices. If you plan to do the same with yours don’t plan to put it in your pocket as it will stick out – a backpack or a purse is best.

I also like the Mighty for group vaping – its size allows it to be passed around from friend to friend and because it is sturdy you don’t have to worry about it coming apart. It also remains cool despite long usage as it has fins that absorb all the heat that it produces.

Heating And Temperature Selections

This vaporizer uses both convection and conduction and thus is classified as a hybrid vape. As a result, you get dense and very tasty vapor all through till the end. You don’t even have to stir your herb to achieve this. You can easily control the temperatures using buttons on the device and you can see your heat settings on a LED 11 display. Temperatures range from 105F to 410F and can be adjusted at any time during your session. I like this because it allows me to use different kinds of herbs and get the same amount of satisfaction, and also because I can use the different temps to vary my vaping experience. It is important to note that the Mighty doesn’t come with an app like many other new vaping devices in the market but this doesn’t limit it in any way since you can control all settings on the device itself.

The heating time before you can take your first draw is about 1.5 minutes, faster than its sister the Crafty but slower than many other brands in the market. That said, once it heats up it will keep its temperature throughout even in freezing conditions.

Chamber Capacity, Usage, and Packing

You can get .3 grams of herb into the chamber if you like to grind yours fine, but if you like looser grinds you will be able to fit in a little less, maybe .25 grams. With a full chamber am able to get about 12 draws, which is great if you like to vape fast. To get it on all you need to do is press the power button. Once it is on you will be able to see your selected vape temperature that you can adjust to your liking as well as the amount of battery life that you have left. This makes it easier to use than many other vaporizers in the market. You get a Filling Aid for loading the chamber that allows for you to put is herb without spillages – attach the aid, pour the herb into it and it is ready to go. Once your herb is in you attach the cooling fins and you are ready for a session. There are videos online to show you how that do this.

Battery Duration and Charging

As we have already mentioned, this is where the Mighty leaves the competition in the dust. It has a battery that is better than all other vaporizers in the market and by the look of things, it will be holding that position for quite a while yet. On average I get 8 sessions on a full battery which is about 90 minutes of non-stop use. You can also use it as it charges it pass-through). There are many vaporizers on the market that use pass-through charging but they usually need to have a battery level of higher than 20%. The Mighty is unique because you can plug it in when it is ay 0% and you can use it right away. You may think that because of the extra battery power it takes a long time to get charged but I have found that I am able to get it full in about 2 hours. You will be happy to know that it comes with extra batteries.

Mighty Compared to Crafty and Firefly 2

Here again, I have to talk about battery life. The Mighty doesn’t compare to the Crafty or Firefly 2 when it comes to how long you can use it without charging it. So long as you aren’t too concerned about concealment this is really the vaporizer to buy. The only reason why I rated in 4th is because if its size. I give the crafty, Firefly 2 and the Grasshopper a rating of 9.3 out of 10 only because they are smaller.

It is worthwhile to talk a little bit about each of these. It is very discreet and can easily be hidden in your palm. It is also very easy to use and you can control heat settings through an app on your smartphone. The marked differences between the Crafty and the Mighty are size, concealability and also the size of the cooling unit. Heavy users will prefer the Mighty not just because of the battery life but also because it doesn’t heat up at all. The vapor quality happens to be more or less the same in both the Mighty and the Crafty. In a nutshell, you have to decide whether you prefer discretion over battery life.

The Firefly 2, however, dominates when it comes to vapor quality and also discretion. It is lighter and it is ready for a draw in just between 5 and 7 seconds. You can get it heated up and have a session of several draws before the Mighty gets going. It uses convection heating and is heated through a li-ion battery which is replaceable and which gives you between 3 and 5 bowls. You can use it with both herb and wax – in fact, it is my go-to vaporizer anytime I want to use concentrates. The drawback to the Firefly 2 is that it requires quite some technique to use and a beginner might find it a bit frustrating.

Mighty Kit

This vaporizer comes with the usual trimmings but the Filling Aid is unique. Not only does it allow for faster filling, it saves herb that would otherwise get spilled.


I must say that I am not very impressed with the warranty on this one – it only lasts 2 years. That said, you have to keep in mind that it is made by Storz and Bickel, one of the most reliable manufacturers around.


If you aren’t too concerned about hiding your vaporizer then the Mighty is definitely worth your while. You can use it on the go, you can use it for group sessions, you can use it for a long time without worrying about the battery, you can use it outdoors – all these things make it one of my favorite vaporizers. The vapor quality is great, it is easy to use and you get consistent results throughout. However, you choose to pack the chamber you can be sure that the results will be great. The only thing that makes this vaporizer not rate higher is its size. I would recommend it to anyone who can afford it – you will be very happy with your vaping sessions every time. Look for a vendor that includes a grinder – it doesn’t come as part of the original kit but there are some vendors who give it out as a freebie. It makes it very easy to get your herb to whatever consistency works for you.

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Mighty Vaporizer Review

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