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Best Vaporizers For Weed and Dry Herbs

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A Look At The Best Weed Vaporizers On The Market

Best Vaporizer  For Weed in $200 Range

Arizer Solo II

Arizer Solo IIComing in at around two hundred dollars, the Arizer Solo II is a brand new product on the market and it has consumers buzzing. The design is nothing new; the manufacturer has been using it for a while. However, the vaporizer itself handily outshines the competition. It’s built well, it’s easy to use and it works well, too.

When someone wants to start using a vaporizer, this is the one I encourage them to buy. In addition, for someone that wants an uncomplicated product, this one fits the bill as well.

The battery life for the Arizer Solo II is great. I wouldn’t necessarily call this product portable, but you can carry it around your home with ease.

Best Vaporizer For Weed


The Mighty is a quality vaporizer. Everyone has different features that are important to them, but if you place a priority on performance, you should check out The Mighty.

Are you familiar with the Crafty? These two vaporizers are “related,” so they have a lot in common. I’ll discuss the Crafty more later, but the biggest difference between the two products is the size.

The Mighty is bigger, and it is actually larger than the other vaporizers that I discuss here. It is cordless but a little too big to carry around with you wherever you go. It is much better for home use, but you can take it on the go when you need to.

The vapor is strong and is of high quality. You won’t find a better vape on any other portable. There are two batteries, which accounts for some of the size. The Crafty, for example, only has one battery. You can use the Mighty for an hour and a half before stopping, which is great.

Both the Crafty and the Mighty have a higher than average defect rate. However, the Mighty is a little better. Despite that, I think this vaporizer is worth looking into because it works so well.


CraftyThe Crafty is a great vaporizer, and one of its huge selling points is that I can slip in in my pocket and take it with me wherever I go. The vapor production is incredible and the vapor itself is high quality. It is both smooth and flavorful. I have a lot of good things to say about this product, but the two things that really stand out to me are potency and strength.

The Crafty does have a few faults, however. It has a higher than average defect rate, which is a huge disappointment because the product itself is so good in so many other ways. However, it is important to know that it stops working fairly often. I’ve had three previous units, and they all broke. However, because of the warranty, I keep getting new units at no cost. You simply have to put the vaporizer in the mail and you will get another one in about a week and a half.

Regardless of the issues, this vaporizer performs well, so it is still included on my list of best vaporizers. Plus, the warranty associated with the unit is good, and I’ve seen first hand that the company does a great job sending out new units.

DaVinci IQ

davinci iqThe DaVinci IQ is a recent addition to the list, and I’ve been pleased with its performance. If you check out my video review, you can learn a lot about this product. Overall, it does many different things well, making it one of the best vaporizers to purchase.

The DaVinci IQ is not bulky, and users can carry it with ease. It appears to be a quality product, and it definitely does the job it was created to do. The battery is removable and there are programmable heating styles that users can customize.

Best Vaporizer Pen


grasshopper best dry herb vape pen

Shop Grasshopper

Apart from being the best dry herb vape pen, the Grasshopper vaporizer can easily qualify as one of the smallest and most portable vaporizers available today. It uses pure convection to burn herb and it heats up pretty fast – it will be ready to go in less than 10 seconds. In case you are wondering, it looks very much like one of those bigger pens, somewhat like a stylus.

Because it heats up so fast it is a great vaping unit for people who want to vape on the go. It is also sturdy enough to use with bongs or bubblers. Unfortunately, because of its size it is only best for use by one or two people so if you want a bigger party you will have to find another vaping unit.

The Grasshopper vaporizer is available in steel, titanium and colored titanium. The titanium version is lighter by about 10 grams, making it even more portable. It also doesn’t scratch so if you want a vaping unit that will keep its looks then this one is perfect for you. All Grasshopper units get a lifetime warranty, which tells you that the manufacturer has gone out of their way to create a unit that lasts.

Best Marijuana Vaporizer

Pax 3

pax 3The PAX 3 is still relatively new, only having been released a year ago. It is very similar to PAX 2, maintaining the same size and shape. However, the oven electronics and the shell material are not the same.

The vapor production for the PAX is very quick. That is probably my favorite feature. The quality of the vapor is very good as well. The vaporizer also gets high marks for smoothness and taste, and I really like carrying this unit around with me.

Boundless Vapes manufactures the CFX, and the unit’s main claim to fame is that you get more vapor in a shorter period of time than most other vaporizers. When comparing this model to the PAX, the most noticeable difference is that the CFX has a large LCD display. They both perform well and battery life is very similar. The CFX is also smaller, so it is more portable. In my opinion, though, I don’t think you can go wrong with either one.

Best Vaporizer Under $100


FlowermateWith a list price at under a hundred dollars, the Flowermate is a great deal. This is really the only vaporizer at this price point that I’d advise others to purchase. The performance is pretty good and the experience as a whole is good as well.

It is intuitive to use and seems to be constructed well. The taste itself could use some improvement, but for the price, it is nothing to complain about. There are two internal batteries, which is a nice feature, so the battery life is solid as well.

Best Portable Vaporizer For Dry Herb

Crafty Vaporizer

Ever since dry herb vaporizers have become popular, it’s almost as if a new portable vaporizer is available for purchase every single week. While it is quite exciting to have more options to choose from, selecting the right portable vaporizer for your vaping lifestyle can become a daunting task since there’s so much to choose from. This is exactly why we at developed this list. Our top pics

Best Vape Pen For E-Liquids

Kandypens Mini

It’s no secret that recently vape pens for wax and concentrates have increasingly gained popularity, especially among cannabis users who use medical herbs and waxes. The majority of vape pens owe a major portion of their popularity to technological features that have allowed them to be manufactured efficiently and effectively. Today’s vape pens are smaller and carry with them more technological features compared to the way they were designed a many years ago. Our top pick

Best Box Mods

Target Mini 40W

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we’ve been doing our best to provide you with honest, reliable, and updated information about the best vaping products available on the market. In this section, we’re going to discuss the best vape mods and box mods that are available on the market today. This list is provides great information for vape and box mods for people who are new to vaping as well as veteran vapers. Here you’ll learn about starter, intermediate, high powered, and all-in-one vape and box mods. As usual, please know that the items listed on our “best” list have been examined and tested by us over a long period of time. While one person’s idea of “best” may differ from someone else’s, we hope you understand that not all vaporizer products are made the same, neither do they identically fit every vapers lifestyle. Therefore, when reading our review, please take in consideration of the items and features that are most important to you and will be a great fit for your vaping needs. Our top pics

Best Electronic Cigarettes

Juul E-Cigs

Many smokers once having made the switch to e-cigarettes have never gone back to smoking regular cigarettes. They also believe that e-cigs are a much better and healthier option for them than traditional cigarettes. With that being said, we have compiled a list of the best e-cigarette brands and products that you may want to know about. Before we get to the reviews, we want to remind you that our “best” list was compiled through research, observation, experimentation and use of these products to ensure that they live up to their expectations as well as our own. Our top pics

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