Pax 3 Review

Review Of The Pax 3 Vaporizer

There are many different vaporizers on the market and one of them is the Pax 3. The Pax 3 continues many of the traditions set out by the Pax 2 with some additional features. The Pax 3 is considered by many to be the top vaporizer, but you need to consider if this is the right one for you.

The Design

The size of the Pax 3 is exactly the same as the older Pax 2. The vaporizer can comfortably fit into the palm of your hand with the ends sticking out on either side. This is an ideal size for a portable device.

The Pax 3 comes with a matte brushed finish and the metal has been polished to offer a high shine. The change in the finish makes a big different, but there is some concern about whether or not the finish will scratch over time. This concern comes from the scratching that was found on the Pax 1 after prolonged use.

The one problem with the design of the Pax 3 is that it is tricky to load. In order to load dry herbs, you will need to balance the device on the mouthpiece and tap the herbs down. If the device falls over, all the herbs fall out. This is a design flaw that has been present since the Pax 1 and will not be solved unless the overall design is changed.

The Controls

Like the Pax devices that came before, the Pax 3 uses a single button and accelerometer for all the controls. There is also an RGB LED readout on the front of the device to help you control it. Clicking the single button once will turn the device on or off and holding it down for a few seconds will open the temperature settings.

There are a number of operational modes you can use and they are accessed by rolling the device in your hand. Three turns of the device start the party mode where the temperature is reduced to make the device easier to pass around. There are also game settings like Simon and light modes that transform the device into a color baton.

While the control system is inventive it is not very intuitive. The use of rotations can be an inconsistent method of changing modes. This is why Pax also has an app which you can pair with the device, but it has not been fully rolled out yet.

The Heating System

When you look at dry herb vaporizers you need to consider the method of heating which is used. The Pax 3 uses conductive heating, as the other Pax models have. The heating element in the device warms the walls of the internal oven and you pull the vapor out of the chamber. Other devices will heat the air outside the bowl and you will pull the hot air through the herbs.

The heating method used by the Pax 3 means that you need to constantly use the device once it has been turned on. The lip sensor turns the heat down when no-one is drawing on the device. Setting the device down will put it into an idle setting. However, if you hold the device while telling a story and gesturing then you could burn through an entire oven without realizing it.

The Heating Time

One of the improvements that you will find with the Pax 3 is an improved heating time. It only takes the Pax 3 10 to 20 seconds to reach vaping temperatures. This is a huge improvement and ensures that the dry herb side of vaporizers is able to keep up with the pre-loaded CO2 devices.

The vapor production of the Pax 3 has a bit of a learning curve but is still one of the strong points for the device. If you pull too quickly you will not get any vapor, but pulling too fast will result in a very hot vapor. Once you get used to the device you will be able to draw vapor consistently, but you should not expect clouds of vapor when you exhale.

The Warranty

Considering the type of device the 10-year warranty the Pax 3 comes with is impressive. Many other devices come with 2-year warranties.