Grasshopper Vaporizer Review

Hopper Labs has for the first time in history designed a Grasshopper Vaporizer that can easily come to fruition through crowd funding. It has not been an easy journey for the designers of this fantastic equipment. The first crowdfunding backers must still endure a period close to 18 months before they can receive their units.

Things, however, have changed in 2017, as pre-ordering processes have been scrapped and the units can now be easily shipped on demand.

One thing that is amazing about this unit is the short amount of time that it takes to heat up. Once you click the button, a blue LED will be displayed within minutes, and this is an indication that it is ready to work. This speed can’t be achieved by any other battery-powered vaporizer other than the Grasshopper by Hopper Labs.

On the back end, you will be fast to notice a spinning dial. The spinning dial has been purposely designed to enable you to adjust the temperature entirely from 130 C to 210 C. This is one of the great features of this amazing item.

Apart from its stylish look, this product is also very slim and holds some weight for a pen.

A quick check in the market reveals that the Grasshopper Vaporizer is one of the lightest and portable vaporizers in terms of the vape. In fact, it weighs about thirty grams lighter than the latest Pax 3.

The Review Of Grasshopper Vaporizer

As at now, this amazing vaporizer is rated at 9.3 out of the possible 10. It also features in the list of the best portable vaporizers picked from the over a hundred brands available in the market.

Some of the reasons why the Grasshopper Vaporizer is rated that high is because of its amazing size, discreetness, portability and the fact that it is one of the least smelly vapes.

The unit has an excellent craftsmanship and quality that you will only notice when you have it in your hands. It feels amazing and everything that has been used to create this product just threads in a great way.

With as cheap as $200, you can easily order a Stainless Steel version Grasshopper from Hopper Labs.

It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Another version that comes with a warranty is the Titanium Grasshopper, which you can order with just $250.

The Weight, Size, And Portability Of The Stainless Steel & Titanium Grasshopper Vaporizers

This brand is one of the most concealable and tiniest vapes that you can find on the market.
It comes in shape and looks that is similar to a pen, and with a clip that you can use to keep it in the pockets of your shirt, short or Jean.
It measures an approximate length of 5.60 and a diameter of 0.55.
The weight of the Titanium model is roughly 56 grams while the amazing Stainless Steel model weighs close to 65 grams.
Despite their lightness, you will still notice the difference in weight that exists between the two models.

The difference in weight is another feature that most customers consider before they purchase any of these two items. The other difference that exists between the two models is that the Titanium model can stay clean and without scratches compared to the Stainless Steel model. This is another great feature to consider when you are planning to buy any of the two items.

Tips For Best Use, Mouthpiece, And Heating

The heater that the Grasshopper Vaporizer uses outputs 45w of heat.
The Mighty vaporizer, which is bigger in size than the Grasshopper pen, uses a 30w heater.
The 45w-output enables the Grasshopper to heat up just within five seconds and gives the amount of heat needed on demand.

The best method of use that applies to most users is by first hitting the tactile clicker, taking the draw, and then hitting the clicker once again to turn the vaporizer off, but you can still draw the remaining vapor even after hitting it off.

With protracted use, the mouthpiece can get sweltering therefore you can turn off the hopper in between each draw. To keep your lips cool, this vaporizer comes with a silicone mouthpiece that fits well with 14mm pipe adapter.

With the Grasshopper, you can pull as almost as hard as you need and it will automatically reduce the vapor.

With this, you can be medicated within a few minutes of taking a couple of hits, something you can hardly find in session vapes like Pax 3 or the Arizer Air. It gives you longer sessions like 10 to 15 draws over the course of 10 to 15 minutes, which is good when you are at home relaxing.

Chamber Info, Grid Preference

The general size of the vape and chamber is amazing. With a fine grid and a tight pack, you can receive up to three grams.

Another thing that is great about Grasshopper is that it can easily work with a chamber that is filled to the brim.

Within just a few draws, you can fully vape a whole bowl because the Grasshopper is very sturdy.

This works best if you got the lung power. You don’t need to stir the bowl for it to cook; it will do it evenly without the need for mixing.

The Charging Options & Battery Systems

Despite the fact that the Grasshopper batteries can charge in just about one hour or so, it is still advisable to pick a handful of additional batteries and an external charging dock.

Charging extra batteries and swapping later can be better than plugging in the USB charger frequently.

The charger comes with a breathtaking design and works in an amazing way.

It has a magnetic end that hooks with the back of the charger and then uses the USB to charge. With the first version, the charger had particular problems, but it has since been redesigned to currently works wonderfully. Apart from using your USB charger, you can also use the external nitecore-i2 charger since it can be able to charge two batteries all at once.

Grasshopper Accessories

This product comes with fantastic accessories. In the kit, you will be able to find the following; the USB charging system, additional mouthpiece screens as well as the mouthpiece guard.

Just recently, the company added another item in the kit. It is the Performance Front End, which you can also use as a water pipe adapter.

It can also increase the airflow, and there will be no need to use the silicone MP.

The Warranty Of The Grasshopper Vaporizer

As mentioned earlier, these models come with a lifetime warranty. It is among the few brands of vapes that comes with a lifetime warranty, which is one of the greatest pro and another why you need to grab this product as fast as possible. Your unit will be replaced or fixed immediately in case of any problem.

Other Comparable Vaporizers

Well, you might be not entirely sold on this great product and could be looking for a similar conviction on-demand unit, then Firefly 2 is the best that you can give a try. The latest model of Firefly 2 has been improved with so many developments that weren’t in the original one, but it comes with a great and vapor and taste just as the original.

Regarding size, it is quite big than the Grasshopper, but you can still fit it in your pocket.

It is a fact though that Firefly 2 will not be able to hit as great as the Grasshopper, it works well with concentrates and has a cooler and smoother vapor.

Pax 3 is another great one that you can also check out. It is portable and is essential as session style vaporizer. Research in the market revealed that the Pax 3 is one of the most reliable, durable, and consistent portables you can grab. Despite all that, it also comes with an option for concentrates.

The Review Summary Of Grasshopper Vaporizer

One of the great features of this vaporizer that will blow your mind is its craftsmanship and the quick heat up time. It is also very durable; you will be able to use for so many years without feeling the need of exchanging it for another one. It has a vape of its own kind. Some other great features in this vaporizer are the lifetime warranty, the circumspect size, evenly vapes herbs, on-demand heat, the large bowl, and smell.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a vape savant, or you are looking for your first one, you will just love it the moment you hold it and realize how fast it heats up. It is so easy to use, and so even beginners will get the same taste that the regular users are enjoying. Apart from producing huge clouds, the taste is one of its kinds, and you will fall in love with it instantly.

It is designed in a beautiful size of a pen, and you can easily stop using it half bowl without wasting your herbs.

This is the experience that you need to get medicated quickly.

Joyetech Ego One Review

As a beginner you want a vaping device that is easy to use and that will give you a vaping experience that is better than satisfactory. Why not start with the Joyetech Ego One Starter Kit? It is a simple device that delivers top results. Featuring 2 different coils and a couple of interchangeable batteries, it is named “One” because it has the ability to deliver vapour directly to the mouth and also to the lungs depending on what you prefer. Its ease of use makes it suitable for those who are looking to switch between 1 ohm coil to 0.5 ohm coil.

You can get it in 2 types: Large(r) 2200mAh with a 2.5 ml tank or the 110aMh 1.8 ml tank. Do not be deceived by the large sounding numbers – both these models are very small and highly portable – they will easily fit in your jeans or jacket pockets. Even one who is completely new to vaping will find the Joyetech Ego One a breeze to use.

What is notable about the Joyetech Ego One?


The first thing that most people notice about this vaporizer is how small it is. It is wrong to describe the 2200aMh as larger because in truth it is only slightly longer than the 1100aMh, with the difference being that the smaller one is only a little bit thicker. That said, they are both about 19mm across, which makes brands such as Provari look enormous. You can compare it to the Nautilus Mini or Kanger Subtank Nano. You may be wondering about the kind of power you can get from such a small device – suffice it to say that it is impressive. It is a great vaping unit for those who want to get medicated on the down low and also for beginners who may not want to make their vaping so obvious. The aesthetics are also a big selling point.


It is hard to oversell how nice this vaporizer looks. Not only is it small and elegant, it is also compact and sleek making it the right fit for your pocket. It is definitely much better than the bigger box mods – no one will know that you have one on you unless you show it to them. Unlike many small brands that are small and delicate, this one is actually small and sturdy so you don’t have to worry about accidental breakage. For now it is only in stainless steel but as I expect the Joyetech Ego One to become quite a hit I expect the manufacturer will soon have it in different colors.

Versatility with Different Coils and Airflow

As mentioned in the beginning, this vaping device comes with 2 different coils – the 0.5 ohm coil and the 1 ohm coil. If you are a beginner you may want to start with the 1 ohm coil – it delivers rich and flavorful vapors directly into the mouth once the airflow is turned down. As you become more seasoned, however, you may want to upgrade to the 0.5 ohm, open airflow vape which has the ability to deliver vapor into the lungs. Both can be used with heavier e-liquids, but of course you are free to choose whatever you find more flavorful.

The ohm wattage are not fixed – there are adjustment buttons and a screen that allows you to choose whatever you feel is optimal. My advice is that as a beginner you should buy both coils so that you can switch between the 2 experiences and find out which one you like best. It also saves you the trouble of buying other devices to enhance your vaping experience.

Ease Of Use For Beginners

What makes Joyetech Ego One so easy to use is the fact that users don’t have to fiddle about with wattages and the batteries aren’t removable – in other words, fill and use right away. All you need to do is open the tank, fill it with liquid, cover and enjoy your vapour. One thing you should be careful about is the filling gap – it is pretty thin and since you don’t want any accidents you should be careful when filling. To turn it on hit the start button 5 times. If you are having any problems operating the unit refer to the in-depth manual that comes with it – it gives you step by step instructions.

People with more experience with vaping devices may not like the fact that this unit doesn’t have an LED screen and that they cannot see or change their wattages, but these are the very things that are such an advantage to beginners.

Battery Life

Considering that this little device is no larger than your index finger, its battery life is quite impressive. The 100aMh lasts for between 5 and 6 hours so this gives you a fair idea of how long the bigger battery lasts – you can use it all day without needing to recharge it. To do that you can use a USB charger (it is a pass-through charging which means that you can use it as it charges). There is an LED screen on the device that tells you how you are doing in terms of battery life – different types of flashing tell you how much juice you have left.

60% – 100% Stays lit
30% – 59% Slow flashes
10% – 29% Moderate flashes
0 – 9% Flashes rapidly

Here is what you get:
A USB charger
Wall adaptor
2 different drip tips
2 different coils

All you need to do is buy your own e-liquid to get started. The manufacturer kept it deliberately simple so that beginners can have an easy time.

Flavor and Vapor

Starter kits that are made of coil design generally produce good flavour and the Joyetech Ego One is no different – you can compare it to brands such as the Aspire Premium Kit. That said, I must say that it doesn’t compare very well to bigger ohm tanks such as the Subtank Mini. In comparison, the Joyetech Ego One is sometimes said to produce flavour that is flowery and even plasticky. Dont forget, however, that with these bigger tanks you are sacrificing size as well as discretion. You should also take into account that the bigger ones are not very easy to use. However, taste is an individual preference – there are many who say that they are completely satisfied with the taste of the vapour that they get from their Joyetech Ego One unit, at least compared to other beginners. Also, it may not be fair to compare beginner kits with more advanced sub ohm tanks because these are known for producing unbeatable flavours.

As for flavour comparison between the 0.5 ohm and the 1 ohm, the 0.5 tends to produce a better flavour but the density is pretty much the same in both of them. In all, it can easily be said that the flavour produced by the Joyetech Ego One is pretty good, some would say as good as you would get from some sub ohm tanks.


Every fair reviews looks at pros and cons so here is what I don’t like about the Joyetech Ego One.

Wicking material

Let me start by saying that this is purely my opinion and may not even be based on facts. Looking at the inside of the wick which touches the coil, I can see that it is made of a material that crumbles, maybe similar to what the wick of the Delta 2 sub ohm tank (I haven’t really done any research to confirm this). I worry that when it fragments into tiny fibers they could easily end up in your lungs leading to serious health issues. I am afraid that this is not the kind of wick that I would like to see – I would prefer if the manufacturer would switch to 100% organic cotton which wouldn’t fragment when in contact with a heated coil. I must reiterate that this is my opinion and it is possible that others have had a different experience. If you have I would love to hear it.

Warm Vape and Hot Metal Drip Tip

As I mentioned earlier, you get a metal drip tip and a glass one. My experience was with the 1100 mAh battery using the 0.5 ohm coil – I must say that it became uncomfortably hot. I tried the glass one and it maintained comfortable temperatures so that is the one that I use now. The only problem is that juice tends to accumulate in this one which interferes with the perfect aesthetics of this unit. I think the manufacturer can make the drip tip out of a material that solves both these problems.

Hard To See My Juice

I know that this is not a big deal especially if the vaping experience is as good as you get with a Joyetech Ego One, the window is so small that it can be hard to see how much juice you have left. I understand that this may have been by design to keep the tank from breaking but still, I would like to know whether I should carry some juice along. To be safe I have some with me at all times to be sure that I don’t run out. I’m sure that the manufacturer can find a way around this.

Thin Refill Gap

I mentioned earlier that this unit has a very small refill gap which means that if you aren’t careful you may end up with spill-overs. I have been able to get around this by using a needle to refill rather than pipette. This may not be so obvious to beginners and they may end up wasting juice before they realize what the problem may be.

Not Compatible With Other Tanks

Today there are numerous vaping units that allow you to load different kinds of tanks but not this one since it doesn’t use a spring loading mechanism. It would have been nice if it could, but for now I will continue to use it as a single kit.


I definitely recommend the Joyetech Ego One for anyone who is vaping for the first time. It will maintain discretion when it is needed, it looks great and provides an awesome vaping experience. Granted, there are some things that can be improved but I must say that the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Keep in mind that the quality of your vaping experience will also be determined by the kind of e-juice you buy.

If you want to start at slightly higher level you may want to go with the more sophisticated sub ohm tanks but remember you may be giving up some of the things that make the Joyetech Ego One such a great vaping device.

V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Review

If you are looking for an easily concealable dry herb vape pen that works using conduction the solution may lie in the V2 Pro Series 3. Brought to you by manufacturer V2, it is expected to be the first in a series of dry herb vaping units and it also happens to be among the best in vaping pens. It has a sleek design that feels good in the hand, fits nicely in the pocket and best of all, you can use it for herbs, concentrates and even e-liquids. It heats up fast for those who want to vape on the go and those who have tried it say that it is easy to use.

Let us start at the most basic level – price: you can buy the V2 Pro Series 3 for $49.99 but if you are a fan of only herb you have to buy a loose leaf cartridge for $19.99, all of which comes to $59.99 which is still a lot cheaper when you compare it with other vaping units in the dry herb category.

You can go ahead and order one right away, but just to that you know exactly what you are getting let us go on and do a full review.

V2 Pro Series 3 Size/Portability

At about the size of a marker this happens to be one of the most portable dry herb vaporizers in the market. It measures just short of 5.63 inches with a diameter of .59 inches. It is also quite light – 50 grams which makes it a perfect fit for any pocket in your jacket or jeans. If you prefer e-liquids you will be happy to know that the cartridges for these are also rather small and can fit quite comfortably in your pocket. In all, you will be hard pressed to find a lighter vaping pen which comes in at the same price.

V2 Series 3 Heating and Temp Settings

As mentioned at the beginning, this vaporizer uses conduction to vaporize your herb, concentrates and e-liquid. You can choose temperatures ranging from 350F t0 375F. Your settings will be determined by several things: quality of herb, how fine you grind, draw speed, what kind of flavor you like best and so on. The best quality draws require you to heat for 15 to 30 seconds before you take your first hit, which is excellent when you consider that the average vaporizer requires 40 or more seconds.

It does come with an auto-off feature after 2 minutes. If it goes off before you are quite done you can turn it back on by holding the heating button down for a few seconds. As a seasoned vapor I wish that the automatic shutoff kicked in after 3 or 4 minutes so that I can have longer sessions but that is not a big deal when you take into account all the other cool features.

Series 3 Pro Chambers and Cartridges

The e-liquid cartridges hold up to 1.6 ml and can deliver 800 puffs of 2 seconds each. For loose leaf you get .1 grams which is just right for one person – you can share with one more but it won’t quite get you where you want to go. One great thing I have noticed is that I get a relatively brown burn without the need to stir the herb once.

V2 Pro S3 Battery and Charging

This vape pen has one of the best battery lives in the market. The 650mAh battery will 12, 2 minute sessions of dry herb vaping which is roughly 4 oven-fulls. You can charge the unit while using it (including with a USB charging cable) and you can get it back from the dead in about 2 hours. A wall and car charger will cost you $10 each.


E-liquid cartridge pack – $49.99

Loose leaf cartridge – $19.99

Concentrate cartridge – $19.99

Extra e-liquid cartridge – $6.99

It helps if you can buy one or two extra dry herb cartridges so that you can pre-pack when you are going to be away for long periods. It is important to mention that for all accessories you are dealing with smart, magnetized cartridges that are very easy to plug into the device – in a matter of seconds they are ready for you to heat and puff.

V2 Pro Series 3 Warranty

You get 6 months on device, accessories and workmanship but cartridges are not covered.

V2 Pro Series 3 verdict

This is definitely a vaping device that is worth every dime you spend on it. It is one of the easiest to carry around and the sleek look and feel makes it worthwhile. It is also very easy to use – switching between loose leaf, concentrates and e-liquid cartridges is very easy since they are all designed to fit and are magnetized. The quality of vapor is superb. In fact, I like the fact that after I do loose leaf I can switch to e-liquid and produce vapor that gets rid of the smell of herb right away. The quality of the e-liquid vapor is also very good – smooth on the throat.

In comparison, the vapor from the herb cartridge isn’t as good but having tried so many other vape pens in the past I can tell you that it isn’t bad – although the flavor is good it isn’t as dense as I would like it to be. If the manufacturer can come up with a way to make it combust herbs better it will become one of the tops products in this category available today.

All in all, I would say that this is a good product for the light vaper or the beginner – it will help them get more seasoned for the more serious devices. When you take into account that you are getting a full set – herb, concentrate and e-liquid vaporizer – you will see that you are getting very good value for money. I would definitely recommend this vaporizer.

Juul Vapor Review

Today, we proudly present to you the latest innovative and easy to use vaping starter kit – the Juul e-cig, a product of the Juul Vapor. As many of you already know, Juul Vapor is a part of Pax Labs, the manufacturers of the beautiful Pax 2 and 3 Vapourizers.

The Juul e-cig is a simple e-cigarette vape that is designed for both new and experienced vapers. Typical of its size and weight, the vaper completely resembles a cigarette and is ideal for individuals who want a stealth vape given its minuscule size.

About the Juul Vapor Pen

Barely the size and weight of a USB stick, the Juul measures approximately 9cm long and 1.5 cm wide. It is portable as it easily slips into the pocket of the users making it easy to walk around with. The Juul comes in four flavors, cool mint, fruit medley, Crème Brulee, and Virginia Tobacco that are easily inserted into the device. Along with it, you are also rewarded with a magnetic USB charging device complete with a 1-year guarantee. Remember, each Juul pod flavor comes with a 0.7mls of juice with at least 5 percent nicotine. And the good news is, the price of the kit is relatively low as it will only cost you $49.99

How to Use the Juul

Vaping on the Juul is quiet easy. All you need to do is insert one of the flavor pods until it gives a click sound, and you are ready to vape. Then gently draw on the e-cig as you would with a normal cigarette. With its intuitive nature, you do not have to press any buttons to begin vaping, all you need is to inhale and the vapor comes out.

Tap twice on the device to check its battery life. In case the light flashes green, then the battery is still high, while yellow indicates medium and red means that you should re-charge your Juul as soon as possible for continued use. You will then have to plug it to the magnetic USB stick and wait for about one hour for the batter to be fully charged.

Vaping the Juul Pods

The Juul pods comes with an extremely high concentration of nicotine levels, which make them hit really high. Combined with a salt based nicotine the pods mimic the throat feeling experienced when smoking cigarettes. In light of this, the Juul does a perfect job through the nic hit felt from regular cigarettes. As we mentioned earlier, the Juul pod contains an approximate of 0.7mls of e-juice, which is an evuivalent of one packet of cigars. Moreover, it was quiet impressive that for medium users, the pod lasts a whole day. Unfortunately, though, the battery will need to be re-charged as it does not measure up to the life of the pods, especially for heavy users who might be required to carry an extra battery.

Juul Pod Flavour Review

Fruit Medley

Flavor: grapes, peaches, and berries with a herbal taste

Thoughts: Although it may not be everyone’s favorite, one cannot resist trying the grape flavor.

Cool Mint

Flavor: crisp peppermint and soothing aftertaste

With its nice and refreshing vape, the mint pod is not bad and can be a favorite with some people.

Virginia Tobacco

Flavor: Unmistakably rich American Tobacco

Thoughts: the Virginia Tobacco pod is a favorite bunch for smokers who want a flavor related to the flavor of the cigarette. However, for experienced vapers they may not enjoy it as much.

Crème Brulee

Flavor: Vanilla cake, silky custard and crm brle

Thoughts: the flavor has been known to be liked by many who describe it as providing a nice sweet vape. The pod is especially good for people with a sweet-tooth.

Overall the Julls flavor are solid but they can be improved, although it seems the nicotine salts could also be the reason behind the flavor.


It is small, light and portable

Measuring about 9 cm long and weighing next to zero, the tiny vape is suitable for those people who want to move around with it discreetly.

Extremely High Throat Hit

Given the nicotine contents and the high PG ratio present in the pods, the Juul e-cig is recommended for ex-smokers who want to experience the same nicotine hit in their throats.

Simple To Use

Unlike other complicated vaping kits, the Juul Vapor is quite simple to use and all you will require is to replace the coils or fill the tank up with e-juice every time it is exhausted. The kit is relatively appealing to a number of smokers and starters who want to start using the vapers.


In terms of elegance, the Juul kit matches the Pax 3. However, although looks are only subjective, in our opinion, if only the shape was more rounded at the edges and looked slightly less USB box, then it would look even better than the Pax 3.

Re-charging Time

The Juul pod is said to re-charge at a very short period. In less than one hour, after plugging it into power, the kit flickers full. However, if you believe that battery life is an issue especially for heavy users, then it is advisable to have a spare one at hand.


Battery Life

Given its small size, the battery life of the Juul Vapor cannot be compared to other larger devices. We recommend having two or more devices as back-up in particular is you are a heavy user.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best starter vape in the market, then Juul Vape is your best bet. Apart from being popular with many experienced vapers who are purchasing it as a portable solution for vaping when at work or traveling, the vape has also won the Vaping360 award for best beginners’ kit. It hit the throat extremely hard, while making vaping relatively simple. Moreover, it is perfect for people who do not want to keep on refilling the tank and replacing coils. However, of importance to note, since it was introduced into the market in 2016, there have been several copycat products. Luckily, none of them measures up to the quality and experience of the Juul and since its inception in 2016, we can attest that the producers did not take rest but keep on improving the kit as time goes by. Leaking is no longer an issue and more flavor pods are being released into the market.