Best Vaporizers For Dry Herbs and Medical Marijuana in 2017 Reviewed

Welcome to! My name is James and I my one and only priority with this site is to review vaporizers that I’ve tried, tested, and believe are great. I’m an avid vape lover and throughout the years, I’ve tried many different types of vaporizers from those that are built for dry herbs and those that are built for concentrates. In my spare time, I am a big fan of the outdoors, camping, bike riding, and seeking adventures. On the other hand, there’s also another side of me that like to be at home when I can sit back and relax.

What can I say? After all is said and done, home is where the heart is. Another thing that’s dear to my heart is vaping my favorite herbs and concentrates with my favorite vaporizer. When I first started the vaping lifestyle, I did not know where to start. With so many products available on the market, I was completely lost as to what the best vaporizer
was. It took me a while to figure it out, but when I did, I became somewhat of an expert in the best vaporizers.

This is exactly how this website started. is your number 1 place for real, honest, and authentic reviews about the best dry herb vaporizers available on the market. My goal today is what’s it’s always been: to provide you with useful information about vaporizers so that you can easily select the best one for your needs. On this site, I also write to give you tips on how to improve your vaping experience as well as the necessary steps to take in order to take great care of your vaporizer. While I do believe that most of the information you need is available on the site, if you do happen to have a question that I have not answered on the site, or if you have a question about any of the products listed, please be sure to contact me and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Enough about me for now. Let’s get you to what you really came here for: vaporizers.

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Portable vaporizers, which are often referred to as vape pens, are small devices that you can hold in your hand, that you use for vaping dry herbs or concentrates. Portable means that you can easily carry this device around, almost as easily as you carry a cell phone. When thinking of the best portable vaporizer, the quality of the vapor, the life of the battery, the easiness of use, size and advanced features are definitely the criteria to keep at the forefront of your mind.

Best Desktop Vaporizer Reviews

Best Desktop Vaporizers 2017

Desktop vaporizers are vaporizers that are stationary, meaning you usually don’t move around with them. They usually stay in one location. Those types of vaporizers are known for their plug-in abilities as well as the different variations in which they are manufactured. Some come in the style of a bad, others a in whip. There are even some that are manufactured with a water filter.

Best Weed Vaporizers

Please be advised that all vaporizers have certain features that make them excellent for some people and not so excellent for others. In order to select the best weed vaporizer, you must know about what you like, what’s important to you, what you enjoy, and how much you are comfortable spending when it comes to funding your vaping lifestyle.

Find The Best Vaporizer

#1 – V2 Series 7 3-in-1 Vaporizer

V2 Pro Series 7

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For its vapor production, portable size, and ease of use, the V2 Pro Series 7 has earned the number one spot on the list of our portable vapes, as well as for its versatility. This vaporizer allows for multiple vaping: dry herbs, oils, and/or wax concentrates.

The Series 7 is very small which makes it super easy to carry around. However small it may be, the Series 7 delivers a powerful vaping experience that is totally supported by a 2.4 ml tank, with an 1800 mah battery. With such a foundation, you can be sure to get many hours of nonstop vaping.

The Series 7 was built to be firm, strong, and highly durable, which it is. Nevertheless, when you hold it in your hand, you immediately feel the smoothness of the material it was build with. The “on” button is easily located without hassles and the mouthpiece is clear and direct, and designed to the perfect size for vaping.

While the Series 7 is more expensive than The Matrix, rest assured that the price change makes up for the amazing features on the Series 7. If you are looking for an all-in-one vaporizer that allows you to be versatile while still delivering quality performance, the Series 7 is the one. This vaporizer is made as your vape-match in heaven on Earth.

#2 – Crafty Vaporizer

Crafty Vaporizer Review

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The Crafty, brought to you by Storz and Bickel, is an easy to use vaporizer that heats via both conduction and convection. It has become a favorite of many and it has often been compared to the Pax 3 or the Grasshopper. It is easy to use because it has only one button and setting can be changed via an app. You get 2 temps – there is a default and boost which ranges from 104F to 410F which can be adjusted using the app. The vaporizer uses conduction immediately you switch it on to preheat the bowl and then after that convection takes over to vaporize herb.

The thing I like most about the Crafty is how small it is – it fits perfectly in my palm, keeping it completely concealed. I can slip it into my jeans and jacket pockets and even when I have it in a hoodie pocket no one can tell that it is there. It allows for complete discretion and I can take it with me anywhere.

That said, I must warn you that if you are frequently away from a power source this is one vaporizer that you will not like – its battery life is far from good. You can charge it on a power outlet or you can charge it using a USB slot, but do not expect the battery to last very long. One good thing however is that it allows for pass through charging which means that you can charge it while using it so long as the battery is 20% or higher.

What I like about the Crafty

As I have already mentioned this vaporizer is incredibly small and I really like it for that. You will also be happy to know that it is very easy to use, making it the perfect piece for beginners – packing it is a breeze, and once you are done switch it on and it will be ready with vapor in no time at all. The draws are also smooth, and you there are no ghost puffs or baby puffs. You also don’t have to fill the bowl for a good session. The wide temp settings allow you to choose whatever feels best for you.

The main con is the one I have already talked about – the battery life. There are some redeeming features to this however. The first is that since it can be charged via USB you can charge it through your laptop or computer. The other is that you can buy an Anker battery that lasts about 2 or 3 times longer than the battery that comes with the unit. I definitely recommend this if you don’t want to get frustrated with your unit.

#3 – Firefly 2 Vaporizer

firefly 2 vaporizer review

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The Firefly 2, brought to you by Firefly Vapor, has been named one of the best vaporizers in the market, but when it comes to vapor quality it is simply unbeatable. This distinction is based on that taste of the vapor, its density and also what it tastes like at different temperatures.

Has 5 different heat settings and can be used for both herbs and concentrates. It is a great unit for those looking to vape on the go as it preheats in less than 10 seconds, and people love it because it requires very little maintenance, the manufacturer has included 2 rechargeable batteries to make sure that you never run out of juice.

Comes with an app that helps get settings just right. There is a variety of temperatures that you can choose from but many people say that they got the best tasting vapor at higher temps – it is smooth, potent and there are no baby or ghost puffs. It burns herb uniformly and all that is left is a uniformly golden brown residue. If you like to have your vaporizer with you wherever you go you will be happy to know that the Firefly 2 is highly portable. It can be used by 2 people – it has a big enough chamber – and the batteries will recharge fully in just 45 minutes.


I love the fact that after you charge the battery you can get 4-6 bowls out of this unit, all of which will have the perfect vapor quality.


The only thing I don’t like about the Firefly 2 is that it isn’t very easy to use at first. That said once you get used to it it is a breeze.

#4 – PAX 3 Vaporizer

pax 3 vaporizer review

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The new PAX 3 comes to us with several upgrades from the PAX 2 – while the inside mechanisms remain much the same it has an added 3 grams in weight as well as an additional chamber to burn concentrates. The battery has also changed – while the PAX 2 had a 3000aAh battery, the newer version has a 3500aMh. The preheating time is also shorter – you can get it ready with vapor in between 15 and 20 seconds. Once it is ready for you it gives you haptic feedback, which is to say that it vibrates. It is operated through an app that allows you to change temperatures, heating profiles, color themes, LED’s and you can even lock your device if you think someone else is sneaking puffs.

The outer casing in the new PAX 3 is now made of brushed aluminum and although it is much shinier looking a common criticism has been that it is now a lot easier to get scratches on it – some people feel that the manufacturer should have retained the outer casing of the PAX 3.

The new concentrates insert is a nice feature to have and it works pretty well, burning through concentrate to give a nice, flavorful vapor, but it is not nearly as good as the Dab Rig or the e-nail because the temperatures don’t go nearly as high.

The battery is pretty good – I get on average about 100 minutes each time a charge the battery, which, coincidentally, takes about just as long to charge.

As for portability, the PAX 3 is very highly portable when you take into account the battery life, size, weight, discreetness as well as how easy it is to use. It comes with a Half Pack lid which makes it just perfect for single person use. The concentrates insert is also a nice touch for those who want some variety.

I highly recommend the PAX 3 for anyone who doesn’t already own the PAX 2. Upon the release of the PAX 3 the manufacturer dropped the price of the PAX 2 to $199 from $279 so this still remains a good option for many people. If you choose to go this way keep in mind that you cannot use this old PAX for concentrates, has a slower pre-heat time, doesn’t use an app and is bigger and therefore less portable. To fix all these things may require that you buy accessories, money which you can use towards the PAX 3.

If you own a PAX 2 and are thinking of upgrading you should wait and see what else the manufacturer will do with the PAX 3 – it is quite likely that they will improve the concentrates insert and they may also add some other features.

#5 – Davinci IQ Vaporizer

davinci iq vaporizer review

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As the name suggests, the Davinci IQ is a portable vaporizer brought to you by Davinci, the manufacture of several other brands of vaporizers. It is made for dry herbs and retails for about $274.99. To start with, I must say that hands down I have found this to be the vaporizer that gives me the best flavor among all my other portable dry herb vaporizers.

The higher the temperature the better the taste (so long as you don’t burn your herb) and the taste will last throughout your session. The density is also very thick and those who like this kind of thing will love this vaporizer. If you want to know just how good this unit is consider this – it comes with a 10 year warranty. In addition to that you get a replaceable battery, ceramic zirconia mouthpiece and great software.

Many people today are looking for vaping units that allow them to enjoy their herb discreetly and this is one such – the Davinci IQ fits very comfortably into your pocket and in fact can be completely hidden in your palm, unlike brands like the PAX 3 which can be folded into the palm but still stick out a bit.

The temperature settings range from 250F to 430F, more than enough to give your weed a nice, even burn. In addition to that the Davinci IQ boasts a feature called Smart Paths that gives you a range of 4 different temperature controls. They all run from 350F to 430F with each path having an increment of 20F. I like to set mine to default Smart Path 1 which heats the IQ to 350F (takes 45 seconds) and continues to rise until 370F where it stays unless I choose another Smart Path.

I have tried the rest of the Smart Paths but I must say that for me 1 remains the best – at this high temp I am able to get the thickest and most flavorful vapor and I must mention that unlike other conduction vaporizers where the flavor of the vapor drops as you get into the session this one stays strong all the way up to the end.

What are the cons of the Davinci IQ?

There are certain things that I don’t like about the Davinci IQ. One is the draw resistance – you have to give it a good chug if you want to enjoy the full effects. The other thing I thing Davinci could improve is the battery life. A dead one will take about 4 hours to charge, quite a long time compared to many others in the market. The only way to be safe is to buy one or two more and make sure that they are always charged just in case you run out of juice. I found a way around the long charge time. I bought the Nitecore i2 for about $12 and with this I am able to get a full battery in about 2.5 hours, and I can also charge a couple of batteries at once. A fully charged unit will take you for between 50 and 80 minutes.

Although the app comes with a device you don’t really need it to enjoy a vaping session. Everything that you need – choose Smart Paths, operate the LED’s and more – you can still do directly on the device, but you need the app if you want to customize your Smart Paths. That said, it is a pretty decent app and you can use it to do a lot of cool things with your unit, including sharing your Paths with your vaping buddies. The app is also quite solid – I have never had a problem connecting to it.

In all, Davinci IQ will deliver value.

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The Best Vaporizer

Now let’s be clear. Selected the best portable vaporizer is not easy because no two vaporizers are exactly the same, unless they are the same brand and model. Also, one person’s idea of the best vaporizer may be someone else’s idea of a low-quality vaporizer. Therefore, it’s important to clarify what makes a great vaporizer to your and your vaping lifestyle? And only you can answer this question. But here are some guidelines:

What’s your preference: dry herb, concentrates, or both?
How often do you vape?
How do you like your vape clouds and flavor: thick, sleek, strong, or faint?
Do you like simple do it yourself vaporizers?
Or do you prefer advanced features like temperature control?
What’s your budget?

In our Best Vaporizers on the navigation menu of this website, we have a section that is dedicated to helping you select the best vaporizer depending on the category. This section will help you select the best weed vaporizer depending on what criteria is most important to you.

Authorized Vaporizer Retailers

Before we go any further, I want to highlight to you that it is extremely important that you purchase your vaporizers from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer/retailer. With everything happening around the country lately, vaporizers have increased in popularity among both young and mature crowds. This means that those products are selling and sometimes they sell superfast. With every great product that becomes available on the market, it is expected that there is a counterfeit copy of the original. Therefore, in order to avoid fake vaporizer brands and models, be sure to get your product from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer/retailer.

Another topic I would like to talk about is the importance of buying your vaporizers through an authorized retailer. Vaporizers are gaining a lot of popularity with legalization spreading across the country. With that said, counterfeit models are being made for many of the popular.

Vaporizer FAQS

What is a vaporizer?

Portable vaporizers (aka vapes) are handheld devices with small ovens (aka chambers) that are used to heat a substance (dry herb or concentrates) to a boiling temperature, releasing active cannabinoids in the form of vapor. The vapor can be inhaled to enjoy the full benefits of any medicinal herb or extract. A vaporizer will not burn your herb, thus not releasing combustion related concierges.

Vaporizers use the small “oven” to heat the herb and then pull the potent vapor through the mouthpiece. Most portables are powered by an internal, rechargeable battery.

Which types of vaporizers are available?

There are three main types- Dry Herb, Wax (concentrate, extracts), and E-liquid vaporizers (aka electronic cigarettes).
Dry herb vaporizers are used to vape the raw, dried, ground up medicinal herbs such as cannabis.

Wax Vaporizers are used to vape THC/CBD concentrates and extracts that are becoming increasingly popular in US dispensaries (in legal states).
e-Liquid Vaporizers and eCigs are used to vape e-liquids (with or without nicotine). That is a huge category by itself and contains vape-mods and electronic cigarettes. The important thing to keep in mind is – these are not used to consume THC in any way. They are not compatible with herb and wax. They act more like a “cigarette substitute.”

Does a Vaporizer smell like weed after (or while) using it?

That is not a simple yes or no. Yes, it will smell but much less than smoking. While you use the vaporizer and blow vapor in/out, the vapor will have a gentle scent that will dissolve quickly even in a closed environment. Unlike smoke, it will not stick to anything, and will not smell your breath. After usage, it’s best to empty and quickly clean the oven to eliminate the smell. Smell-proof cases are also available for many vapes.

What is the optimal vaping temperature?

That depends on the herb that you use. For most types of medical marijuana (dry herb) 350 -420 degrees Fahrenheit will work best. Warmer will produce harsher, more visible vapor. Lower will produce flavorful, mild vapor.

The majority of modern vaporizers have a temperature control option, allowing the user to set the exact temperature. Some even have advanced heating profiles with varying temperature throughout the session.

How can I tell when my herb is finished/ completely vaporized?

You will be able to tell by the flavor, the amount of vapor, and many draws you taken. There is no scientific formula, and vaporizers do not tell you when it’s time for a new bowl.

Every new bowl starts very potent, aromatic and flavorful, and decreases with use. How much will you take it, is completely up to you.

Can I split an oven to multiple sessions?

I highly recommend against it. When a vaporizer reaches vaping temperature, the herb loses flavor and potency. The problem is that if you reached vaping temp and then you turn it off, it takes some time to cool down (usually a couple of mins). During this time, the herb in the oven is still “cooking.” So when you re-activate it, the herb has been hot for a good few minutes and lost much of its potency. So it’s best if you use one oven in one session. Keep in mind, if you are a “solo” or “group” vaper, choose a vape with a suitable oven size.

Convection VS Conduction:

Conduct- meaning the heating element is touching the dry herb and heating it via touch.
Convect- meaning that the heat is generated “away” from the herb, and then pulled in with a draw, passing by the herb to warm it along the way.
Convection vaporizers typically provide better flavor.

To sum it all up:

By now, you should have a pretty solid opinion on what you are looking for in a medical marijuana vaporizer, and what are the options available. Feel free to check our in-depth reviews for each of the products on this page. Most contain demo videos with hands-on usage. Click the links and read more info about any vaporizer in the official’s store website. I hope that this vaporizer guide brought you a step closer to making the switch and join the magical world of herbal vaporizers.

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