Best Dry Herb Medical Marijuana Vaporizer Guides and Reviews

Welcome to Vaporizer Star. Our mission is to promote vaporizers – we know that they are going a long way in helping people to quit smoking. Whether you are addicted tobacco or marijuana you can be sure that we are here to help you quit. This here is a guide for people who use medical marijuana.

What is the best vaporizer?

Different people prefer different vaporizers because they each provide a different experience. That said, it is important to mention that there are 4 main kinds of vaporizers and we have put them here for you to scroll through. If you find a vaporizer that you like you can learn more about it by scrolling down this page.

Where can I get the best vaporizer?

Today, people don’t only vape herb; they also vape oil and wax. Ideally, you want a vaporizer that can burn all 3 and also that is easy to carry around and that is capable of producing smooth vapor. In our experience the one unit that is all these things is the Series 3. You will pay a bit more because you need additional cartridges to vape oil and wax but if you do not have the money you may choose to forgo the additional cartridges.

If you are not new to vaping you may want something that you can use while on the go. We recommend that you buy either a V2 Series or a Series 3 – you can use them for herb, oil and wax, they offer discretion and their batteries last quite a while. They are also both made to last a long time. They come in sleek design and you can choose from 3 available colors. This is not to mean that if you are new to vaping these vapers aren’t right for you – there is no reason why you cannot use them.

Are there advance luxury vapes for herbs?

Yes there are and we you can view them here. Just pick the ones that are priced highest in each category.

• Best Vaporizer Overall V2Pro Series 7

• Best For Vaping Oils/E-Liquids XEO Void Vaporizer

• Best Luxury Vaporizer Pax 2 Vaporizer

• Best For Stealth Vaping V2Pro Series 3

• Best For a Group Session Vapir Rise 2.0

• Best 3-in-1 Vaporizer Series 7 Vaporizer

Vaporizers Guide and FAQs

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to vaporizers:

What is a vaporizer?

In a nutshell, it is a unit that converts herb, wax and oils that are used recreationally or for medicinal purposes into vapor. It is operated by battery.

How does it work?

It is very simple. Think of a tank that has a heating element at the bottom. When you place your herbs or oil or wax in there and turn it on the heat is transferred to the stash and then it vaporizes it for you to inhale. The inhalation is what is called vaping. The device is powered using a battery and battery life depends on the brand of vaper that you buy.

Are these devices legal?

So long as you use your vaping device to vape tobacco and other types of herbs you are not breaking the law. In the US those who sell vapers can be arrested i8f they advertise them for use on anything other than tobacco. You should also know that they are not to be used by people under the age of 18 and not in public either (the same laws go for smoking).

What are the different types of vapers?

They come in 3 categories: portable, vape pens and desktop vaporizers.

Are they easy to use?

They are not the easiest devices to use but it also depends on the kind that you buy. There are some that have many moving pieces which means that they have to be taken apart and cleaned often. Some people are also irritated by the fact that they have to be refilled often. There is also the risk of burning oneself with the element. That said, you don’t need a tutorial to use a vaping device for the first time – they can be figured out by the average person. If you have problems don’t worry; you will soon get the hang of it.

What kind of smell does a vaporizer produce?

You will be happy to know that your days of smelling like a smoker are over. Vaporizers give only a very slight scent and the people around you will hardly notice.

Should I worry about vaping weed?

You can smoke weed but if you have a vaporizer you can also vape it. Some people worry about the side effects of vaping. There is no science yet to show that there are any measurable effects of vaping weed. The truth is it will take many years for research to give definitive results on whether there are any long term effects.

What is the difference between a vaporizer and a bong?

They are completely different devices. Vaporizers were created to avoid the problem with bongs – since they burn rather than vaporize they tend to release toxins that can have unhealthy side effects.

Will my vaporizer be noisy?

Not at all – they are designed only to hum a little when in use. The person in the next room will not know that you are vaping.

Is there a recommended temperature for my vaporizer?

There is no recommended temperature for vaping. It is determined by the kind of vaporizer that you use as well as what you are vaporizing. That said, they tend to give best results when operated between the 335 and 420F.

Should I grind my herbs in order to vape them?

Yes you should – you do not have to but if you want to get the best vapor then it is best to grins your herbs fine. The smaller particles means a bigger surface area for the vaporizer to burn and it also helps release all the ingredients. You will also get more from less and it makes the vapor more aromatic and crisp. You can buy the paraphernalia for grinding from the same vendor who sold you your vaporizer.

Should I expect to see smoke?

Remember we said that a vaporizer is for creating vapor and not smoke so no, you will not see any smoke. In fact, if you see smoke it means that your unit is defective. What you will see are small amounts of vapor. The amount on density will be determined by the temperature at which you are vaping and also what you are vaping.

Can my vaporizer come on accidentally while in my pocket?

Not usually. Manufacturers understand that people carry their units around in their pockets or their bags. To prevent them coming on accidentally they install a knob that you have to push between 3 and 5 times to turn the vaporizer on.

How long until my vaporizer heats up?

It depends on the kind of vaporizer that you are using. The bigger ones tend to take a longer time – some even up to 5 minutes but the smaller ones can heat in as fast as 2 seconds. Do not dismiss the ones that take a longer time – they are deliberately built this way so that they can provide richer flavor for a longer time.

How do I know that the blend in my vaporizer is finished?

As you vape your herbs will turn brown and continue darkening until they turn black. At this point the vapor starts to taste burned and eventually you will get no hits at all. It all depends on individual taste – you can add more herb when the weed starts to turn brown or you can wait till later.

Why do vaporizers have temperature control features?

All vaporizers come with a button that allows you to select the temperature that you want to vape at. If you want to get very dense vapor you use the temperature control to select a high temperature. After getting such deep hits your throat may be sore at which point you can lower the density of the vapor by lowering the temperature.

What does vaporizer maintenance require?

How you clean your vaporizer will depend on the kind that you own. If you buy a small one you may find that it requires little to no cleaning. Those that are made of glass need to be flushed out with hot water and dish liquid. The bigger types that require more complicated cleaning come with cleaning kits and directions.

What is the difference between a convection vaporizer and a conduction vaporizer?

Convection is when a vaporizer blows hot air at the herb in order to vaporize it. Conduction is when the herb is vaporized by being placed on a plate that is sitting on a heating element. You are better off with a convection vaporizer – the ones that use conduction can burn your herbs. In addition to that, convection allows for better flavor.

What can I expect to get in the $50 to $100 range?

This may seem like it wouldn’t be enough to get you a good device but you would be surprised. There are a variety of vaporizer pen (see our list of best Portable Vaporizers and Best Vaporizer Pens). These are portable vaporizers that are similar to a pen and they come in many different types. There are some that are designed only for E-liquids but there are some that can be used for herbs and even waxes. Browse the ones here – you can be sure that you will find something that you like.

What can I expect to get in the $100 to $200 range?

Here you may have a problems getting a good vaporizers. Most manufactures consider this price point to be the beginning of high end vaporizers and they push the price up to the $200 – $250 range. If you extend your budget by just a little you will get a device that is much better. If, however, you cannot add the extra $50 you may want to look at our “Best Portable Vaporizers” page, especially the Matrix which retails for $150 and the V2Pro Series 7 which goes for $169 or the DaVinci which sells for $199.

If you can afford a bit more there are great options. You can get a desktop vaporizer such as Da Buddha which retails for $190 or the Silver Surfer which goes for $208.99. These vapers are bigger and are placed on the desk when they are being used. Although not very discreet they often have great vapor quality.

What can I expect to get in the $100 to $200 range?

At this point you are really getting into the world of cool vaporizers. We recommend that you look in our “Top 10 Portable vaporizers” and also in our “Top 8 Desktop Vaporizers”. You will find among others the Herbalizer, Volcano, Aromed Vaporizer, and the Herbal Air Elite Vaporizer.

The one that you choose will depend on how you prefer to vape. If you are an on-the-move kind of person you will not go wrong with the Arizer Solo which retails for $223.99 or the Firefly which goes for $269.95. They have pros and cons – the Arizer is easier to carry around but the Firefly Solo is highly efficient.

If you’d rather vape at home then the best options for you would be the Arizer Extreme Q ($239), Vapir Rise ($249.99) or the Silver Surfer ($269.99).

What can I expect to get for more than $300?

If you have this much money to spend on a vaping kit there is nothing better in the market than the Volcano. This is the best desktop vaporizer, and don’t just take my word for it, look at online reviews as well. The Classic Volcano retails for $479 while the Digital version costs $579. This is a vaporizer that you can use with your buddies. Another way to go is the Herbalizer which sells for $599.This is also a very good vaporizer that is designed to give smooth vapor and is designed to last a long time. If you feel like that is too much money to spend on a vaping unit then you should buy the second edition of Firefly 2 for which you will pay $329.95.

What kind of Medical Marijuana will I need?

There are 3 kinds of Medical Marijuana – weed, wax and oil. The one that you choose depends on the kind of vaporizer that you own. If you have one of the older models you may only be able to burn wee. The newer ones are designed to burn all 3. There are some new ones that are designed to buy just weed and are also quite portable. If you spend around $200 you can get a portable and stylish vaping device. If you are buying a vaporizer for the first time you should find out which form of THC is available from your vendor. If he only has it in weed form then you are limited to that.

Wax concentrate

If this is how you prefer to consume your THC you are very lucky because wax concentrate is not very hard to get. In fact, there is a wide range of vaporizer pens that you can use – check on our list. That said, the one pen that comes very highly recommended by our users is the Matrix Ceramic Vape Pen.

Oil concentrate

The vaporizers that are used for this kind of vaping rely on the same technology as electronic cigarettes but with THC-laced oil instead. This one is recommended for people who are taking medical marijuana rather than recreational. You will find several options in our list of vaporizers. They are all quite small and they can easily fit in the hand and in the pocket.

Dry herb

People still like this one best – it is easy to get your weed and vaporize it directly. Also, it is cheaper – converting weed into wax or oil costs money so these versions tend to be more expensive. There are many who prefer dry herb as they say that the vapor is thicker and tastes better. You will not have to worry about finding the right vaporizer for dry herb because there are plenty of options (refer to our list).

Do vaporizers come with warranties?

The good ones do and some are as long as 3 years. You should make sure to buy a reputable brand so that in case it breaks down during the warranty period you can get a new one at the manufacturer’s cost.

Where is the best place to vape?

This depends on where you spend most of your time. If you spend a lot of your time at home a desktop vaporizer is best for you. If, however, you are always o the move then a pen vaporizer is best. If you are in a sensitive public environment then we suggest that you buy the smallest good vaporizer that you can find. If you spend a lot of time with your buddies or they spend a lot of time in your house then the best vaporizer for you is one that can be used by multiple people at once. There are many affordable good brands affordable today. They are usually desktop models.

To wrap things up…

Today, you don’t have to inhale any dangerous toxins when you consume your weed. There are vaporizers in the market that make the whole thing very safe – instead of burning the weed they convert it into vapor which is much safer. We hope that by now you have had a look at product links to see the kind of vapors that are available. Even if you have a small budget you can still get a vaping unit that will enhance your experience when it comes to consuming THC. Those who need medical marijuana for health reasons should also look into investing in a vaporizer.

We hope that we have provide answers that are comprehensive enough to help you not just choose a vaporizer but also have the best vaping experience.